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Choose the Right Google Assistant Smart Clock That Will be Right at Home on Your Bedside Table

Google Assistant Clock

A Google Assistant smart clock is something that you can benefit from if you need a device to help you wake up feeling great and rejuvenated. You can now choose from several Google Assistant smart clocks, and two of these include the following.


Lenovo Assistant Smart Clock

If you need a cute and compact Assistant smart clock, the Lenovo Smart Clock is something you might want to consider. This has been designed to function solely as your bedside clock. It has a display of 4 inches ensconced in a speaker coated in fabric. It doesn’t have a camera but offers good sound quality. Its speaker is 1.5 inches with 3W output. It can do its job well but don’t expect to play any music through this Google Assistant smart clock, though.

assistant smart clock lenovo
Assistant Smart Clock by Lenovo

“The 21st century version of a bedroom alarm clock.” – TechRadar January 9, 2019

Its ambient light sensor works well at dimming its screen in a darkened room and ensuring that it won’t distract you during your sleep. This is also running on the similar Android Things platform just like the rest of third-party Google Assistant speakers, although it is further stripped down. It doesn’t have Home View and master control panel for your smart home as found on the rest of smart displays from Google. It means that voice is the main method of interaction here.

Assistant Smart Clock

You cannot find photos here as well, but with its small screen, not a lot of people will surely pay attention to that. You can also choose from several clock faces. It has built-in USB to help you juice up your smartphone overnight, allowing you to ditch your bedside charger. This Google Assistant smart clock from Lenovo does what it aims to do. It means that this can work as your smart clock meant to sit on the bedside table.

Nest Hub Assistant Smart Clock

At the moment, Google only has a single, smart display that it can call its own, with other displays made by third parties. However, a bigger version is coming up, the Nest Hub Max. Max will surely be popular, and it is likely to relegate its standard unit to more nightstands.

And it is fine with many people since the Nest Hub, previously called Google Home Hub, is an excellent Google Assistant smart clock. The size is one reason behind it. It stands at the height of 4.5 inches and width of 7 inches and looks as if someone stuck the table above the speaker. However, it looks great and is also equipped with several features that make this ideal for your bedside table.

The adaptive display is one of these features. The ambient screen technology of Google means that the Nest Hub can adjust the brightness depending on the room. If you turn off the lights, this will dim down to the point that you can still see the time without being distracting. It also makes it ideal if you want to use it to display pictures that will make them look as if they are real photos, so to speak.

As you can tell, there are a ton of great new features for all of these assistant clocks that are coming out in 2019 and beyond. One thing to ensure is that you get a package that is consistent with . It will cause much more of a hassle to try to keep disparate types of gadgets operating in harmony. Just stick to one brand throughout your house and you’ll be able to debug issues and get items fixed and replaced with great ease.

The Google Assistant smart clock you choose will depend on your specific needs and of course, your budget.