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Sony Smart Alarm Clock

You can try to run, but you can definitely hide from all the smart devices with their smart features that are starting to conquer homes today.

And with the introduction of Sony smart alarm clock and speaker, it looks like the company is out to get a chunk of this lucrative market.

The Sony LF-S50G is not your ordinary 360º speaker as it has several aces up its sleeve, including the power of Google Assistant and the smart clock feature.

Sony Smart Alarm Clock – Best Bedside Alarm Clock That Won’t Scream at You

In isolation, the Sony LF-S50G is a very good smart speaker. It’s great at picking up voice commands, sounds good and features a handy LED clock.


However, compared to the competition, the Sony is a poor value as other speakers in its price range outshine it. Your money should be spent elsewhere.

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Sony Smart Alarm Clock

Sony Smart Alarm Clock : Build and Design Quality

The Sony smart alarm clock and speaker boast of a notably elegant design.

The brand’s logo is found on flanked by a couple of holes where you can find the microphones.

UPDATE: Check the most recent product updates here

Mesh fabric covers the body to create a soft texture but can stick to your hands. It has a quite thin base with reflections and a non-slip rubber at the bottom.

An NFC symbol is found on the screen’s top back portion to help you pair this device via Bluetooth.

There is a button close to the power cable that deactivates the microphones with the other one for paring manually using Bluetooth.

When it comes to size, it is a bit more compact compared to the earlier Google Home and relatively smaller compared to Sonos One.

But, one thing you will surely love is the Sony smart alarm clock found on the front.

Sony alarm clock built qual
Sony alarm clock inside and out

With an IPX3 certificate, this device is resistant to splash, but you need to be careful because you might encounter some issues if liquid directly gets on it.

You can remove the cover to wash the fabric area with no need to worry that the electronic parts will be affected.

It also has spectacular speech recognition.

This can be set to recognize your voice alone or commands from other people.

Whatever the case, you can expect good recognition unless the device’s volume is too high that it cannot hear you. You can also get quick answers, a welcomed feature no one can resist.

You can adjust the alarm volume so you can wake up peacefully without being jolted out of your deep slumber.

Futuristic Gesture Controls

Sony Smart Alarm Clock
Sony LF-S50G

Aside from the ability to control this Sony smart alarm clock through Google Assistant’s voice commands, this also has many available gestures with no need for you to touch it at all.

If you wish to skip to another song, simply move your hand to the right over the device, move left to listen to the previous music, resume or pause playback backward, and forwards to ask a question to Google Assistant.

All of these gestures work really well.

You can even control volume, and all you need to do is move your finger in circular motion above the speaker.

Move counterclockwise to lower the volume and clockwise to increase it.

While not exclusively a Sony smart alarm clock per se, you can still be sure that this device will work to your advantage and help you wake up every morning on a good note.

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