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Solis Assistant Clock

Not too long ago, Google allowed other device makers to use Assistant, and this opened doors of opportunity for experiences with Google Home.

The audio experience is further improved compared to the speakers that Google itself offers.

Solis is among the many brands that hope to do it, and this is why they launched their newest Solis Assistant Clock and smart speaker.

Solis Assistant Clock: A Review – Is It Worth Your Money?



The Solis SO-2000 can set alarms, play music, answer questions, and do many things that the Google Home speaker, also powered by the Google Assistant, can do.


Users can also set reminders, search for information on the internet, control their smart home gadgets, and more, all via voice commands

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Solis Assistant Clock: A depth to all of its Features

The Design

Solis-Assitant-Clock Speaker
Solis Assitant SPeaker by Google 9 to 5

The Solis Assistant clock and the smart speaker have been designed to work as your bedside alarm clock.

This has a bigger size compared to other smart clocks you can find out there.

Compared to other models from Solis, some aspects of the design of the Solis Assistant clock feel a bit out of place or date.

The part of the spherical speaker resembles a flat tire in an upside-down position.

On the base, you will find the control buttons, and while useful, it makes the device look like a boom box straight from the mid-2000s instead of a contemporary smart speaker.

The Smart Features

The Solis Assistant clock seeks to become a rival of Google Home as it offers a dedicated Assistant button.

It also integrates with the ecosystem through Google Home app.

One notable thing about this model is the sensitive microphone.

It lets you talk to the Assistant even if you are a few distances away. Although there are other smartwatches, speakers and many smart Assistant in this category, nothing can beat the sensitivity of this one’s microphone.

Its too good and can hear our command voice a far away distance from wherever you are. No doubt about. Tried and Tested.

Even though the unit seems like it was purposely made to act as an alarm clock, you might find it a bit awkward to set your alarm using music.

You have to use the exact incantation to do so. Any alternative phrasing that sounds more natural might not be understood at all.

Remember though that the moment some words have been interpreted the wrong way, or Google doesn’t recognize the playlist or artist, things may go south.

These problems, however, are flaws because of Google Assistant and not Solis Assistant clock itself.

Additionally, it also doesn’t change the undeniable fact that you might find it difficult to use the device for any of its main purposes.

Image OF the SO-2000 Form Solis

This doesn’t mean that it is not an excellent clock, though. Its LED display that has adjustable brightness is wonderful and can be seen even from a good distance.

It also displays active countdown timers if there are any.

The Sound

After you set up the unit in its place, it is time for you to test the sound.

The Solis Assistant clock has the tendency to be fairly loud that it can rock an entire studio apartment without compromising on clarity.

Generally speaking, it is an ideal device if you prefer a more lean-back and casual listening experience.

The lower mid-range and the enveloping bass promises that you won’t be distracted from your conversations or tasks.

The Value

The Solis Assistant clock is one of the smart alarm clocks that you can consider to add to your bedside table.

It comes equipped with several notable and useful features that you will surely love.

This makes it a good investment that will give you value for your money.

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