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Have you always wanted to wake up in a better and happier way?

A Smart alarm clock makes today just the perfect time for you to ditch your long-time bedside companion.

Opt for a newer and more capable device in a brand new form.

Waking Up Happier is Easy with a Smart Alarm Clock

smart alarm clocks
Not really a smart alarm clock

What do you usually get from your alarm clock?

Are you counting on your smartphone to blare, beep, and chime when it is time for you to leave your bed?

Or maybe you don’t use an alarm clock at all.

How would it feel like if your dreams were a bit sweeter courtesy of a device that wakes you up properly and ensures that your day starts on a good note?

This is exactly what a smart alarm clock can do for you.

What are Smart Alarm Clocks?

Smart alarm clocks are types of alarm clocks designed with no less than 1 smart feature.

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Alarm clocks can be smart in several different ways.

For instance, a smart alarm clock connects to any smarthome . The device can be set up in such a way that something else takes place every time the alarm goes off.

For instance, your lights may turn on once the alarm rings, or maybe the coffee maker turns on through a smart switch in your kitchen.

One more popular way that sets smart alarm clocks apart is they are smart-assistant operated.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the primary options here.

Such devices are almost similar to Google Nest or Amazon Echo, but the primary difference is that they look to resemble that of a clock and not a smart assistant speaker hub.

It is also possible to find a smart alarm clock that comes with some non-traditional features.

For example, a sunrise alarm clock wakes you up with the soft light glow meant to resemble the rising sun and get brighter little by little.

A vibration alarm feature is likewise smart.

This is perfect for those who wouldn’t want their bedmate to wake up once their alarm goes off. It also works for deaf people and those who have hearing issues.

Pointers to Remember When Looking for a Smart Alarm Clock

There are several important questions you must ask yourself first when you go shopping for your first smart alarm clock.

For starters, do you need a device with a single purpose? There are people who prefer a dedicated alarm clock that doesn’t do anything else.

Others expect more uses from their alarm clock that can double as a portable lamp or smart speaker.

If you are looking for other devices in the market, you might check if they come with an alarm clock functionality to help you save yourself from additional purchase.

However, it is best to stay away from double duty devices with built-in microphones and camera. Be extra wary of the things you place and use in your bedroom.

Would you like a device that connects to the existing setup in your smart home? In case your smart home is running on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, look for a smart alarm clock that connects to it.

What Benefits Can You Get from a Smart Alarm Clock?

Every time you think of cool gadgets and new technology, chances are alarm clocks are not among the first things you think of.

Today, however, the technology of smart alarm clock has substantially evolved.

It has become large to the extent that it now has major impacts on people’s lives, or this may at least do so once people start adapting to this technology.

If you have plans to swap your old alarm clock with a newer technology, make sure you get a smart alarm clock and enjoy the following benefits:

Enjoy Right Timing Every Time

Timing is the key factor to wake up properly.

When you sleep, it is not like you are awake and fall asleep right away. Instead, your body undergoes a certain sleep cycle that passes through several stages.

The initial stage is not even when you fall asleep.

This is when you are put in a lower consciousness state where you daydream.

Light sleep is the next stage with deep sleep right behind it and finally, REM sleep where your body repairs itself and you dream.

The complete sleep cycle of light to deep then REM, not including the stage of daydreaming before you really fall sleep, is completed within 90 minutes and repeats itself several times.

Considering this information, your traditional alarm clock can go off at the specific time that you set.

It means that you will be wakened up no matter what point in the sleep cycle you are in.

A smart alarm clock, on the other hand, is meant to get that perfect timing. It wakes you up at that moment in your sleep cycle that you feel most refreshed and alert.

Take Advantage of Advanced Smart Clock Technology

One more exciting benefit to using a smart alarm clock is that it uses advanced technology to guarantee accuracy with the timing.

A smart alarm clock specifically uses things like motion and sound tracking technology to make sure that all stages of your sleep are monitored in a precise and accurate manner. Your smart alarm clock will wake you up at the phase of light sleep instead of REM or deep sleep stage.

Smart Quality Sleep is Now Possible

The next notable advantage of a smart alarm clock is that it gives you the chance to enjoy a higher quality of sleep each and every night.

You will feel less tired and groggy every time you wake up the next morning. The alarm won’t cause any disruptions during the stage of REM or deep sleep.

Aside from this, a traditional alarm clock tends to use LED lights that can suppress the production of melatonin.

It is never something you have to worry about if you use a smart alarm clock, and this can further improve your sleep quality all in all.

Lastly, when you use a smart alarm clock, you can just turn off your smartphone the whole night, and you don’t need to be disturbed about alerts or buzzing sound coming from it.

A smart alarm clock proves its value, and you can expect that the benefits you can get from it give you more than your money’s worth.

What is the Best Smart Alarm Clock

Probably the Lenovo Alarm Smart Clock with Google Assistant


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