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Lynky Smart Clock

Lynky is a startup time device that combines Google Home with a smart home hub and a touchscreen.

Lynky Smart Clock comes in two varieties.

The first one can be mounted on your wall, and the second one can sit comfortably on your desk or bedside table.

Lynky Smart Clock – Is This the Potential Competitor of Amazon Echo Show?

Lynky Smart Clock

This rumored Amazon Echo Show competitor from Google hasn’t come to fruition just yet so the startup named Lynky has taken it on itself to fill in the gap.

This device that also goes by the name Lynky combines a touchscreen of 5 inches with two far-field microphones that work for voice commands.

This also comes with an integrated Google Assistant. Lynky is like the combination of Google Home, tablet, and smart home hub all rolled into one.

You can just leave it sitting on your desk or mount it on the wall as an alternative to the light switch.

Lynky brings all of your smart home devices together into one beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Whether wall-mounted or sitting on your desk, Lynky commands your entire smart home via touch or Google Assistant voice control.


Lynky Smart Clock debuted on Indiegogo, and it is expected that you can use this device similar to Google Home, the smart speaker from Google.

This smart clock makes use of the same digital assistant or simply Google Assistant.

You can play your favorite music, give voice commands, search online, control your smarthome, and access your calendar.

What is the Lynky Smart Clock?

Lynky Smart Clock
Lynky Smart Clock

Similar to the Amazon Echo Show, Lynky Smart Clock also combines a touchscreen’s functionality with that of a voice assistant.

The Echo Show featured all the functionalities of the earlier Echo, which was Google Home’s direct competitor.

This was made possible by Alexa, Amazon’s assistant.

It also lets you make video calls any time you want to.

What makes it different from Echo Show is that the screen of Lynky is going to focus more on assistance for your smart home instead of video calls since this device doesn’t come with a built-in camera.

Don’t be surprised if Lynky doesn’t allow you to make voice calls, unlike Google Home since this is among the limits Google places on third-party devices with built-in Assistant.

Instead, what you will be able to do is use the Lynky Smart Clock as your official smart home hub that comes with a built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Zigbee.

Small smart window and door sensors, smart locks, and smart light bulbs frequently don’t work directly with the router since it uses up too much battery to signal with Wi-Fi.

These devices can communicate with a specialized frequency like Zigbee and require a bridge for translating their message in order to send this over the cloud.

Lynky Smart Clock can serve as the bridge for various devices to ensure that you no longer need to purchase a different hub for your smart bulbs or motion sensors.

So what are the additional features about this Smart Clock?

Lynky Smart Clock
Lynky Smart Clock with kindle

Google Assistant also lets you control the compatible devices using your voice.

You can also control them using the touch screen where you can set up scenes for controlling several devices in just one touch.

Although Lynky Smart Clock lacks the video calling features you can find in Amazon Echo Show, you can still appreciate the idea of a touchscreen and Google Home and combining this with the smart home hub.

Lynky is an ideal example for a Smart Clock much like al the smart clock which we feature on our website, have a look at other smart clocks with Google assistant

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