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Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo has recently introduced its latest Lenovo Smart Clock. 

This clock gets its smarts from its pairing with Google Assistant that perfectly combines the convenience of an alarm system and clock.

Additionally, you get numerous perks you can expect from a smart speaker.

Lenovo Smart Clock – A Clock of Convenience with the Perks of a Smart Speaker

Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant lets you wake up feeling more rested. As the screen brightness gently increases, you can ease yourself into the day.


Set up a Good Morning Routine to bring you the local traffic, news, weather, and sports automatically. And if you need more rest, simply tap the device to snooze or dismiss the alarm.

Specifications of Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Alarm Cloc

The new Lenovo Smart Clock is a bit small with a display of 4 inches, but you can still expect this to be the perfect size you can have at your bedside table.

This smart clock has a touch screen and voice control. This also comes with a USB port you can find at the back of the device.

With this port, you can easily charge your phone overnight or anytime you need to.

According to the company, they decided to come up with this smart clock as their way to reduce disturbing screen time during bedtime in order to help promote better sleep every night.

Lenovo alarm clock sitting
Lenovo Smart alarm clock

You can also set up several sleep routines such as dimming your room’s lights.

All you have to do is say, “Hey Google, goodnight.”

It will also show you the first event in your calendar the moment you wake up in the morning.

There are two passive radiators and a 6W speaker under the hood that will fill up your room to let you relax as you listen to the radio and your favorite music.

You can also kick start your day listening to your favorite radio station or music.

The Lenovo Smart Clock speaker also comes in handy if you wish to fall into slumber with guided sleep meditation, ambient noises, or relaxing music.

Since this also works as your smart speaker, you can also enjoy playing podcasts and audiobooks as much as you want.

This Lenovo Smart Clock also works great with Chromecast.

This allows you to stream your favorite music and shows straight on your TV and again, all you need to do is ask for it.

Wake Up in Style with Lenovo Smart Clock

Waking up with Lenovo Smart Clock doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive as there are lots of ways to do it.

For instance, you can choose to have a gentler routine for waking up.

You can include setting your room’s lights to brighten gradually. You can also set your music or alarm to progressively increase the volume level within 30 minutes before the wake time you chose.

assistant smart clock lenovo
Assistant Smart Clock by Lenovo

This type of wake up method also triggers a morning routine that will inform you of the current weather.

Add this together with your calendar events and reminders.

This also lets you know about the condition of traffic in your area that can help you with your morning commute.

Also, don’t forget that Lenovo Smart Clock serves as a hub that controls the connected and smart devices in your home, including the heater or coffee maker.

On top of it all, the device also allows you to check your security cameras’ feed or check on your baby with no need to leave your bed in the middle of the night.

Lenovo Smart Clock connects to over 10,000 smart products and devices from 1,000 partner brands.

Such Great connection is all due its integration with google assitant. This power up implents more devices to connect with the Smart Clock. 

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