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Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock – It Doesn’t Take Much to Wake Up Energized

The Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock that comes with Google Assistant lives up to its promises of making sure that you wake up feeling energized and better than the night before.

Lenovo Smart Clock

The fierce battle for smart displays is now underway, and at the moment, Lenovo’s offering is the most competitively priced choice in this category. Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock has a 4-inch screen displaying one out of four options for the clock face.

Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant does more than just tell you the time and wake you up. Designed to reduce smartphone screen-time at night, it can help you unwind and sleep better. It can also run your smart home, play your favorite music across your home, manage your schedule, and much more. All hands-free, quickly, and easily. Just say “Ok Google” to get started.

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But this screen won’t let you stream videos, allow video chats, or display your Google Photos. Technically, despite being one of the smart displays in the market, it is still lacking when it comes to core features of interactive voice screens in the market. However, it managed to optimize the alarm clock use case.

What It Means to Use a Smart Alarm Clock

How can you tell if an alarm clock is smart? For starters, it should be addressable by voice and featured with assistant capabilities. Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock features Google Assistant, and this can also give you access to the first-party Google Actions. You can conduct searches, calculate navigation time, and check the weather.

The lenovo smart alarm clock

This also has access to the second party services like YouTube Music and Google Calendar that have both been made by Google but is not included in the native Assistant service and software track. For instance, if there is an entry in your Google Calendar for a specific day, the details will be shown on the screen. The device can also be used to access other third-party Google Actions like Spotify, Magic 8-ball, NPR, and Voicebot Podcast.

Aside from these, Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock also got a persistent clock face that shows the time together with a well-thought-out alarm functionality. You only need to use your voice to set the alarm or you can also swipe the screen and enter the time manually by touch.

So How do you use one?

The features are all easy to use, and tests revealed that they worked reliably. But, the functionality of the Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock really stands out the moment the alarm goes off. The initial sound of the alarm is at low-level volume to ensure that you don’t jolt up from your sleep all of a sudden. A sequence of alarm sounds will follow it that becomes louder as it progresses.

Lenovo alarm clock sitting
Lenovo Smart alarm clock

If you wish to snooze your alarm, all you have to do is tap the device lightly on the top of Google Assistant can do it on your behalf. The usual duration for a snooze is 10 minutes. If you want to ask Google Assistant to perform the snooze request, it is also possible to change the duration of the snooze such as requesting for 10 or 25 minutes. The ability to tap on top of Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock is a truly nice feature in terms of design. You can just tap anywhere in that area, and it will register right away.

Say goodbye to those annoying sounds of your alarm that end up disturbing your sleep. The Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock will solve your problem in no time!.

With the integration of  Google, Lenovo has showcased a very hyperbolizing series of smart clocks. You can read more about Lenovo Smart Clocks by clicking here.

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