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Lenovo Alarm Clock

If you are like any other ordinary person, chances are you are currently using your smartphone as your alarm that wakes you up every morning.

The lenovo alarm clock sets to make that process more efficient.

It is not surprising that about 70% of children check phones after they lay down.

61% of parents tend to check their phones within 30 minutes after they fall asleep at night.

Lenovo Alarm Clock – The Best Alternative to Your Phone’s Alarm Clock

Lenovo alarm clock

Your smartphone impacts your sleep in many ways than what you probably know and realize.

These devices not only have the potential of buzzing or beeping during the night.

Researchers have also revealed that your phone screen emits a blue light that is linked to suppressing melatonin production.

Melatonin is the hormone that is in charge of controlling your circadian rhythm.

The lenovo smart alarm clock

If there is lesser melatonin production, it will make it much harder for you to fall asleep.

Your mobile devices also have the possibility of causing emotional stimulation that might make you stay awake for a longer time.

What is worse is that you might encounter intimacy problems with your spouse or partner because of them.

Like the Lenovo Smart Display, the Lenovo Smart Clock runs on Android Things with support for all the core Google Assistant functionality.


That means you can check the weather, show calendar events, see info on your commute, control music playback, and more all through your voice or on the touchscreen through a slide-based UI unique to the Smart Clock.

Olive Cragg, Android Authority

This is why smart alarm clocks like Lenovo Alarm Clock are a better option.

What is the Lenovo Alarm Clock?

The Lenovo Alarm Clock is a tiny smart display that was announced not too long ago.

What makes this device different from the rest is the way that it focuses on the alarm clock features.

It has a touchscreen display of 4 inches.

This is not high resolution, but it has the tendency to get extremely dark the moment you go to sleep.

Google also made sure that they add more functionality to the alarm clock feature set of Google Assistant.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is definitely going to feel at home right on your bedside table or nightstand.

 Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock sitting.

For starters, the Lenovo Alarm Clock has similar features just like other types of smart displays.

However, because of the small display, it means that you won’t be able to cast video.

This still offers all the forms of music streaming you like.

Google Assistant can also recommend the best time for setting your alarm depending on the events in the calendar and your alarm history.

There is also a Sunrise Alarm feature that gradually lights up the display for more than 30 minutes so that you can wake up in the most natural way possible.

One of the important aspects of all alarm clocks is, of course, the snooze feature.

In the Lenovo Alarm Clock, all you need to do is tap on the upper portion of the clock or just say “Stop” with no need to say “Hey Google” command just so the alarm will be turned off.


While your smartphone offers a lot of exciting benefits and features, there are some things that it can never do so well, and one of these is making sure that you wake up properly.

Good thing that with the Lenovo Alarm Clock, there will be no more reasons for you to lose sleep or jolt up from an awesome dream.

get to know more about the exciting features that the Lenovo Alarm Clock has to offer.

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