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Google Smart Alarm Clock

Can you confidently say that you get sufficient sleep every night?

If 7 hours of sleep will be used as standard, the Google Smart Alarm Clock is here to change that up.

There are approximately 35% of adults in the United States who don’t get enough sleep.

And if you look at adolescents who are recommended to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, the numbers jump to a staggering 68%.

Google Smart Alarm Clock Makes Better Sleep Possible

Google Smart Alarm Clock
Smart Alarm Clock by Google

Which camp do you belong to?

What is your average hours of sleep? Are looking for a way to help you get more hours of sleep and make the most out of the time as you do so?

You probably feel naked without your smartphone by your side, but keeping it on your night stand and using it as an alarm clock could interfere with a good night’s sleep if you’re tempted to check your texts and emails.


It also emits something called “blue light” that is so bright that it can trick your mind into thinking that it’s daytime and keep you up late at night. A better bet might be making your bedroom a cell-phone-free zone, and instead getting an alarm clock that will ease you into a good morning. Here are some tips for choosing the best alarm clock for you.

Whether you believe it or not, Google Smart Alarm Clock by Lenovo will be able to help you with that. How does it do it, then?

Sleep Schedule Adjustments with the Help of Google Smart Alarm Clock

If the world was perfect, it would be easy for you to sleep and wake up at exactly the same time on a daily basis.

The moment your internal clock managed to adjust to this schedule, there will be no need for you to use the Google Smart Alarm Clock to wake you up, provided that you get enough sleep every time. 


Alarm Clock Google
image by androidcentral

Sadly, the world is far from being perfect, which means that your sleep schedule possibly isn’t either.

Google Smart Alarm Clock will help you a lot in adjusting your sleep schedule and make it work better and more effectively for you.

Your Google Smart Alarm Clock will move you to the new routine little by making you wake up a bit earlier every morning.

You can also take advantage of the limited number of times you can snooze to ensure that you will be up and ready for the day ahead of time.

The smart alarm clock also takes cues from you so that you wake up time will then be based depending on where you are in the natural sleep cycle.

Isn’t it nice if your alarm clock doesn’t accidentally wake you up just when you have a wonderful dream?

Google Smart Alarm Clock for Reliable Wake Up Call

In this day and age where smartphones have the ability to do everything aside from brushing your teeth, why not just use the alarm clock that comes with it?

Well, the answer here is simple: reliability.

smart alarm clock google
image of Google Smart Alarm Clock by cnet

Alarm clocks in smartphones are notorious for not going off just when you expect them to.

On top of that, you cannot do anything if your battery suddenly runs out in the break of dawn.

You can charge it overnight but what will happen if you forget about it on the night before an important meeting?

To make sure that your wakeup call is something you can count on, the Google Smart Alarm Clock is what you need.

It will ensure that you won’t miss that early appointment, nor will you fail to catch the plane for your business travel.

With Google Smart Alarm Clock, you can sleep and wake up better than ever before.