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Really, what was the need for the google assistant clock? 

Well, no one wants to wake up to a loud blaring alarm, but nothing is worse than accidentally forgetting to set the alarm the night before.

You can’t miss school.

You can’t afford to miss work.

Old alarm clocks aren’t working for you.

Any of these situations is never the perfect way to start the day.

If you want to enjoy a more pleasant experience right from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Google Assistant Clock: New  Features to Wake You Up

You need some help to manage your routines every evening and morning, the Google Assistant Clock from Lenovo is the newest addition that your bedroom needs and deserves.

Google Alarm clock

Alarm clocks have long been faithful bedside companions, getting us to wake up in time for work, school and other obligations. Thanks to voice assistants, these timepieces have gotten a major upgrade. Like traditional alarm clocks, smart alarm clocks have  big, bold displays that tell the time (and more)

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What are these Crazy Features of this Google Assistant Clock ?

The latest Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is now available in major online and retail stores in the US. 

This features a sleek interactive touch screen of 4 inches and fits well into the overall décor of your bedroom.

While you will still get mostly similar Google Assistant Clock features that you can expect to find in other devices, this smart clock comes with several new tricks so your day will start better and your night will induce the much-needed rest.

Google Clock Assitant
Google Clock Assistant on Phone

For instance, this Google Assistant Clock will recommend the ideal time for you to set your alarm for the following morning. Depending on the events included in your calendar or your alarm history, it will help you decide the correct waking time.

This helps you ensure that you don’t miss any of your important appointments.

There is also the Sunrise Alarm wherein the screen’s brightness will increase little by little 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Dark colors will evolve into brighter lights to resemble the sunrise so you will wake up in the most natural way possible.

A New Way to Snooze, the Smart Clock Way

This  Google Assistant Clock will also let you snooze your alarm easily.

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You can just hard tap this with no need to glance at the screen or better yet, forget about saying “Hey Google” and just say “stop” to make things simpler.

The Google Assistant Clock works just like other devices powered by Google Assistant.

This means that you can still play audiobooks, podcasts, and playlists. You can also use Routines for getting several things done with just one command.

With a simple “Hey Google, goodnight,” you will be able to activate the alarm around the house, turn all your lights off, play some music to help you relax, and lower the volume of your smart clock.

And there is more to smart-clocking than gadetry

Google Alarm clock
An Alarm Clock

While you are sleeping, the Google Assistant Clock will then transition into a dark mode to avoid the screen from disturbing you once you hit the sack.

You can also expect it to be compatible with the rest of the smart displays or smart speakers to let you perform an audio grouping in multiple rooms.

This Google Assistant Clock comes with a USB port that you can use for charging your phone while sleeping. 

Finally, you can choose from different designs of clock faces to go well with your bedroom décor and suit your personal style.

The Google Assistant Clock is no doubt the perfect answer for those mornings when you can use a nice and innovative way of waking up.

With this clock, there is no longer a need to feel stressed out before your day officially begins.

And that’s exactly what Google wants you to feel, more relaxed and composed after a good night’s sleep. Here you can learn more about other Google Alarm Clocks.

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