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Different devices with Smart Display have now become in demand in the market.

These can work mainly in two rooms in your house, none other than your bedroom and the kitchen.

Using your own voice to control a small display is ideal when you are already lying on your bed, and you are too lazy to get up as well as when you have your hands full while cooking.

Now more than ever, bedside functionality has gotten so much better with the introduction of Google Alarm clock.

Google Alarm Clock: How do use it?

Alarm Clock Google

Alarm clocks have long been faithful bedside companions, getting us to wake up in time for work, school and other obligations. Thanks to voice assistants, these timepieces have gotten a major upgrade. Like traditional alarm clocks, smart alarm clocks have  big, bold displays that tell the time (and more).

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Set Up Your Routines on Google Alarm Clock

If your Android device serves as your alarm clock, the Google Alarm Clock app lets you make it smarter.

This comes with routines powered by Google Assistant that can be used for controlling your smartphone or playing your preferred audio that will wake you up every morning.

Google Alarm Clock

No Need for Google Home to Get Routines

Probably the foremost issue with alarms is the fact that these are too easy to snooze several times.

Before you notice it, you are late, you skipped breakfast, and rushing every day of the week.

You can now solve this problem with smart home routines.

The truth is that automation is what makes smarthomes truly powerful.

With a definite morning routine, your voice assistant will great you, turn the lights on, raise the curtains, play music, and start reading the morning news.

Even when you continue snoozing the alarm, there is no way you won’t wake up once your room is filled with blaring music and lights.

However, if you don’t have a Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Lenovo Smart Clock or you are not a fan of having such a device inside your bedroom, you are actually losing out on the audio aspects of this routine.

If you are using an Android device, there are routines you can run with no need for Google Home inside your bedroom as made possible by the update in the alarm feature of Google Alarm Clock.

The best thing here is that it is rather straightforward and easy to use.

Regrettably, the feature is one part of the Google Alarm Clock app that you cannot find on the iPhone, so you will need an Android device to do it.

Add Your Routines to Google Alarm Clock

In today’s market of voice assistants, the most useful features don’t really sound that great most of the time.

Oftentimes, people just use Google Assistants for doing things such as setting timers and playing funny fart sounds to entertain their kids.

It is not sophisticated yet, but little by little, the world is taking a step towards the omnipresent AI that people have been dreaming of.

All that it takes is a consistent release of features.

Google has announced the slew of these features which include the addition of Google Assistant routines in the Google Alarm Clock app, an ability to use Do Not Disturb mode on your device through the smart speaker, and so much more.

The integration of dedicated routines in the Google Alarm Clock makes so much sense since many Android users start their morning turning the alarm off.

This newly rolled out feature is the perfect combination of functionalities, proving how Google will be able to harness the power of its extensive Android ecosystem.

Well with this, we can wrap up the article on a strat note that now you can easily set up an alarm on your google clock. To learn more about google assistant clock, you can just visit here.

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