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Quick Guide on Setting an Alarm with Your Cortana Alarm Clock

Most people rely on their alarm clock to ensure that they wake up right on time every morning, every single day.

Although many still use the traditional physical alarm clocks, things are starting to change little by little with the rise of digital assistants like Cortana. As it introduces the Cortana Alarm Clock.

Most of us don’t have old-fashioned clock radios at home or portable alarm clocks to take with us on the road.

When you need to be woken up at a particular time, you can use your smartphone, but any Windows 10 device can also do the job.

Windows 10 has a built-in alarm clock app, which you can set up using the following steps.

Avram Piltch, LaptopMag

This is why it is no longer a big surprise that more and more users are now using Cortana Alarm Clock to make sure that they won’t be late for work, school, and other hear appointments.

Cortana Alarm Clock
Usual Alarm Clock


Cortana is the digital assistant that can tell jokes and even sing a song for you if you ask her to. She can pretty much do so many things, and all you need to do is to ask.

However, one of the common features that people frequently use Cortana is for setting their alarm. While some already know how this is done, chances are this is the first time that you hear of such a feature.


So, how do you set up and use Cortana Alarm Clock then?

To start the process of setting up an alarm in the Cortana Alarm Clock.

First, you have to press then hold on the search button found on your device that runs on Windows. Once Cortana shows up, you can then say things such as:

Cortana, Wake me up in 10 minutes.

Cortana, Wake me up at 6 A.M.


Cortana Alarm Clock
If you wish to turn off any specific alarm, all you need to do is say, “Turn off my alarm.”

After this, Cortana will then ask you about the alarm you want to turn off.

If you can remember, you can tell her the specific alarm that will be turned off. You can command “Go to my alarms.”

Once you get there, you can toggle off or on the alarms that you have set.

There is one more way for Cortana to appear. You can simply click on the live title set up in the home screen.

In case you didn’t do it in the past yet, it is about time that you pin Cortana to your home screen.

Some users have already tried to investigate further if it is possible for them to use the Cortana Alarm Clock for setting alarms for certain dates.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work. For instance, Cortana wouldn’t understand you if you say “Set an alarm for July 21st at 6 A.M.”

Commands like “Set an alarm at 5 A.M. every Wednesday” are not understood as well.

Cortana is a digital assistant feature that you can now find in Windows devices.

However, don’t expect that it will be all-knowing as this also has some limitations depending on the specific region where you live.

How much do Cortana Smart Alarm Clocks Cost?

Smart clocks are getting more prevalent every day. We see prices as low as $14.99 for so called smart alarm clocks.

However, anything in that range we would consider to be kind of cheap and crappy. Look at these Smart Alarm Clocks and consider those ranging from $29.99 and up – the builds are better and most are the primary brands and not knock-offs.


Cortana Alarm Clock
Cortana Alarm Clock

Setting the alarm for your mornings might seem easy because you have your smartphone or tablet at your disposal.

However, digital assistants like Cortana are now starting to change the game. With your Cortana Alarm Clock, it is now possible for you to set your alarms so that you can wake up right on time without running late.

This also means you’re gonna do your work right on time and without any delay or hassle. Just don’t snooze off the hard stuff.

Here, get to know about Cortana Smart Clock.

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