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Cavalier Smart Clock

Unique speakers have been hitting showrooms, but Cavalier Audio redefines Stereo Sound Systems with the introduction of their latest device that can serve as your Cavalier Smart Clock.

Cavalier Audio’s the Air is a Bluetooth Wi-Fi home speaker boasting of almost all kinds of features you can ever imagine.

These include the Cavalier Smart Clock LED display, Alexa integration, and the Qi wireless charging to complete this list.

Cavalier Smart Clock with Sound System, Wireless Charging, and Alexa All in One

Similar to The Maverick, the other speaker released by the company, the latest speaker from Cavalier has been designed by an experienced team of engineers and musicians.

They crafted a speaker delivering on the promise of a high-end sound and 20 watts of excellent sound with a passive radiator and two active drivers to back it up.

Cavalier Smart Clock

You can also turn off the LED display if you are not a fan of using the Cavalier application on Google Play and App Store.

As far as the alarm is concerned, you can also customize wake tones to suit the alarm schedule of Amazon Alexa, so you don’t miss any alarm.

Specifications of Cavalier Smart Clock “The Air”

The far-field voice activation and built-in Amazon Alexa lets you use your voice to control and start the music.

There is also a 20W Stereo Speaker system that has two active drivers together with the large passive radiator.

Cavalier Air USB Port
Cavalier Air USB Port

The Air is made from genuine and world-inspired materials, including genuine walnut wood for its base, high quality acoustic fabric, and premium genuine leather in brown color.

There is a Qi wireless charging to let you an elegant way of charging your device as this works with different cases, although compatibility might vary.

Cavalier Smart Clock Speaker Fabric
Cavalier Smart Clock Speaker Fabric close up

A quick 2.4A USB Charging allows you to connect multiple devices for sheer convenience.

You can connect to Wi-Fi for streaming and Alexa support with the voice control for Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio and other services for music streaming.

There is also a Bluetooth wireless streaming for audios.

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There is a speakerphone that comes integrated with an echo noise cancellation.

There is a LED display with a screen to lit ability and 12/24-hour Cavalier Smart Clock display that you can easily glance together with programmable brightness control.

You can use the scheduling option available at the app.

This Cavalier Smart Clock also has a dedicated hardware alarm that has custom wake tones to give you a unique wake experience with the use of Alexa like other Alexa alarm clocks.

Again, you can use the advanced alarm schedule options on the app for daily, one day, weekend, weekday, and other custom settings. You can also use the built-in rechargeable backup for the battery for your settings and alarms.

The device also has capacitive snooze with touch control.

Meanwhile, the Spotify Connect Integration lets you directly control Music playback through the Spotify app.

If you have other devices with Alexa support, you can use your own voice to turn up the volume, pause a song, as well as other basic controls for playback.

With different features more than your basic alarms, this Cavalier Smart Clock is definitely a must-have for everyone.