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Cavalier Smart Clock

Unique speakers have been hitting showrooms, but Cavalier Audio redefines Stereo Sound Systems with the introduction of their latest device that can serve as your Cavalier Smart Clock.

Cavalier Audio’s the Air is a Bluetooth Wi-Fi home speaker boasting of almost all kinds of features you can ever imagine.

These include the Cavalier Smart Clock LED display, Alexa integration, and the Qi wireless charging to complete this list.

Cavalier Smart Clock with Sound System, Wireless Charging, and Alexa All in One

Similar to The Maverick, the other speaker released by the company, the latest speaker from Cavalier has been designed by an experienced team of engineers and musicians.

They crafted a speaker delivering on the promise of a high-end sound and 20 watts of excellent sound with a passive radiator and two active drivers to back it up.

Cavalier Smart Clock

You can also turn off the LED display if you are not a fan of using the Cavalier application on Google Play and App Store.

As far as the alarm is concerned, you can also customize wake tones to suit the alarm schedule of Amazon Alexa, so you don’t miss any alarm.

Specifications of Cavalier Smart Clock “The Air”

The far-field voice activation and built-in Amazon Alexa lets you use your voice to control and start the music.

There is also a 20W Stereo Speaker system that has two active drivers together with the large passive radiator.

Cavalier Air USB Port
Cavalier Air USB Port

The Air is made from genuine and world-inspired materials, including genuine walnut wood for its base, high quality acoustic fabric, and premium genuine leather in brown color.

There is a Qi wireless charging to let you an elegant way of charging your device as this works with different cases, although compatibility might vary.

Cavalier Smart Clock Speaker Fabric
Cavalier Smart Clock Speaker Fabric close up

A quick 2.4A USB Charging allows you to connect multiple devices for sheer convenience.

You can connect to Wi-Fi for streaming and Alexa support with the voice control for Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, iHeartRadio and other services for music streaming.

There is also a Bluetooth wireless streaming for audios.

Check out more pictures here.

There is a speakerphone that comes integrated with an echo noise cancellation.

There is a LED display with a screen to lit ability and 12/24-hour Cavalier Smart Clock display that you can easily glance together with programmable brightness control.

You can use the scheduling option available at the app.

This Cavalier Smart Clock also has a dedicated hardware alarm that has custom wake tones to give you a unique wake experience with the use of Alexa like other Alexa alarm clocks.

Again, you can use the advanced alarm schedule options on the app for daily, one day, weekend, weekday, and other custom settings. You can also use the built-in rechargeable backup for the battery for your settings and alarms.

The device also has capacitive snooze with touch control.

Meanwhile, the Spotify Connect Integration lets you directly control Music playback through the Spotify app.

If you have other devices with Alexa support, you can use your own voice to turn up the volume, pause a song, as well as other basic controls for playback.

With different features more than your basic alarms, this Cavalier Smart Clock is definitely a must-have for everyone.

Smart Clocks

Amazon Echo Show Smart Clock

Amazon Echo Show smart clock is out to change the way you wake up every morning.

This smart clock, with its compact smart display, is just the perfect addition to any bedside table.

Don’t be fooled by its size because it is still big enough so you can see what you need and want to see.

With Amazon Echo Show smart clock, your day will officially start with Alexa at the helm!.

Amazon Echo Show Smart Clock – You Won’t Wake Up the Same Way Ever Again

Amazon is continually working on the brains of its digital assistant, Alexa. My first introduction to the smart assistant was with the original Echo. Since then Amazon has released many different kinds of Echoes and encouraged third-party hardware makers to integrate Alexa as well.

Jake Krol,Mashable


Amazon Echo Smart Clock

Compactness at Its Finest

Is the Amazon Echo Spot too small for your practical needs? Don’t worry because Amazon Echo Show will serve as just the right smart alarm clock that will suit your style and preference.

The perfect size of the Amazon Echo Show Smart Clock makes it work as a great alarm clock for your bedside.

Just like Alexa on other devices, you can always request her to set timers and alarms, check the calendar, play internet radio and music, control the devices in your smart home, and so much more.

The Amazon Echo Show features a display of 5.5 inches that gives it a bigger footprint compared to its Lenovo rival that runs Google Assistant.

Amazon, in turn, provides a notably more screen space but instead of displaying tons of text, it favors larger text, making it easier for you to read even from the other side of the room.

Let Alexa Customize Your Day

amazon echo smart clock
amazon echo smart clock

Alexa, by default, shows the clock face and gives you an overview of mundane stuff on celebrity news.

However, you can always turn it off at the settings and explore some other options, such as displaying your photo library, reminders, and calendar appointments.

You could even ask Alexa to display wikiHow’s how-two videos, live view of your security cameras, and news bulletins.

Echo Show’s widescreen is also ideal if you want to watch Amazon Prime Video, although you might have to miss out on YouTube and Netflix.

Sadly, the screen is tilted a bit, and the viewing angles are somewhat limited so the picture might not look its best in case you want to look up at it while lying on your bed.

More Exciting Features

Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show

The additional bulk of Echo Show paves the way for a full-bodied sound that may surprise you at first but is pretty great for clock radio despite being slightly murky and heavy on the bass.

If you like to make them sound better, you can also connect to your external speaker via a 3.5mm audio cable or Bluetooth.

This also comes with a built-in camera that can support video calls though this may be unwelcomed in some rooms unless you don’t mind getting calls first thing every morning or last thing before you hit the sack at night.

Amazon Echo Show smart clock also features a Do Not Disturb mode yet things may go a bit awkward when the Drop-In feature is enabled as it will automatically answer incoming video calls from chosen friends and family.

Good thing there is a physical lens cover together with a switch that will kill both the microphone and camera if you prefer more privacy.

With Amazon Echo Show smart clock, your mornings will be different in an exciting way.

To learn more about such Alexa Sponsered devices, Just press on the link here.

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Lenovo Alarm Clock

If you are like any other ordinary person, chances are you are currently using your smartphone as your alarm that wakes you up every morning.

The lenovo alarm clock sets to make that process more efficient.

It is not surprising that about 70% of children check phones after they lay down.

61% of parents tend to check their phones within 30 minutes after they fall asleep at night.

Lenovo Alarm Clock – The Best Alternative to Your Phone’s Alarm Clock

Lenovo alarm clock

Your smartphone impacts your sleep in many ways than what you probably know and realize.

These devices not only have the potential of buzzing or beeping during the night.

Researchers have also revealed that your phone screen emits a blue light that is linked to suppressing melatonin production.

Melatonin is the hormone that is in charge of controlling your circadian rhythm.

The lenovo smart alarm clock

If there is lesser melatonin production, it will make it much harder for you to fall asleep.

Your mobile devices also have the possibility of causing emotional stimulation that might make you stay awake for a longer time.

What is worse is that you might encounter intimacy problems with your spouse or partner because of them.

Like the Lenovo Smart Display, the Lenovo Smart Clock runs on Android Things with support for all the core Google Assistant functionality.


That means you can check the weather, show calendar events, see info on your commute, control music playback, and more all through your voice or on the touchscreen through a slide-based UI unique to the Smart Clock.

Olive Cragg, Android Authority

This is why smart alarm clocks like Lenovo Alarm Clock are a better option.

What is the Lenovo Alarm Clock?

The Lenovo Alarm Clock is a tiny smart display that was announced not too long ago.

What makes this device different from the rest is the way that it focuses on the alarm clock features.

It has a touchscreen display of 4 inches.

This is not high resolution, but it has the tendency to get extremely dark the moment you go to sleep.

Google also made sure that they add more functionality to the alarm clock feature set of Google Assistant.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is definitely going to feel at home right on your bedside table or nightstand.

 Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock sitting.

For starters, the Lenovo Alarm Clock has similar features just like other types of smart displays.

However, because of the small display, it means that you won’t be able to cast video.

This still offers all the forms of music streaming you like.

Google Assistant can also recommend the best time for setting your alarm depending on the events in the calendar and your alarm history.

There is also a Sunrise Alarm feature that gradually lights up the display for more than 30 minutes so that you can wake up in the most natural way possible.

One of the important aspects of all alarm clocks is, of course, the snooze feature.

In the Lenovo Alarm Clock, all you need to do is tap on the upper portion of the clock or just say “Stop” with no need to say “Hey Google” command just so the alarm will be turned off.


While your smartphone offers a lot of exciting benefits and features, there are some things that it can never do so well, and one of these is making sure that you wake up properly.

Good thing that with the Lenovo Alarm Clock, there will be no more reasons for you to lose sleep or jolt up from an awesome dream.

get to know more about the exciting features that the Lenovo Alarm Clock has to offer.

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Smart Clocks

Smart Clock Reviews

Sstate of the art smartphones have ruled the world.

Now we have clocks that plan to rule your sleep. Our smart clock reviews aim to cover these gadgets.

They’re becoming handy tools for pretty much everything you do in your day to day life, most daily appliances are starting to fade away into the background.

Your phone can serve as a computer, a flashlight, or even a pedometer.

Smartphones have no doubt replaced a lot of things the way we explore and navigate the world that surrounds us.

The alarm clock is a good example of such an item.

Smart Clock Reviews – Why Would You Want a Smart Alarm Clock and What Options are Available?

Smart Clock

Not too long ago, alarm clocks sound somewhat redundant, especially because you can play music and set alarms straight on your phone.

Smart speakers can also do the same and many other types of gizmos, with your computer, included.

Having said all of these, do alarm clocks still have a spot in today’s modern society?

Companies that develop smart alarm clocks definitely hope so. Based on smart clock reviews, it seems that they are actually starting to see the fruition of this hope.

Smart speakers have come along way since the old guard of Amazon Echo and Google Home. There are cheap, mini speakers like the Echo Dot and Google Home mini, and traditional speaker companies like Bose and Sonos with Google and Amazon’s assistants integrated into their speakers and soundbars.


And now, the newest category to sprout, smart displays: speakers with a touchscreen, vying for a spot on your table.

Tucker Bowe, gearBest


Why Are Smart Clocks Worth Your Consideration?

So, what can smart clocks do that you cannot expect from the rest of your devices that are also alarm-capable?

To be honest, they cannot really do that much.

That is why we have done the smart clock reviews as most smart clocks focus on certain tasks such as helping you with your daily morning routine, waking you up gently, encouraging you to wake, and more.

Your smartphone, smart speaker, or tablet might not really be able to do some of these activities straight out of the box.

However, there is no doubt that there are lots of apps available that can further extend the device’s functionality to provide many similar things.


Cortana Smart clocks
Cortana Smart clocks

Why should you still bother with smart clock reviews, then?

Well, it all boils down to two primary reasons why you should use a smart clock instead of your existing device.

Reliability is the number one reason here.

Admit it.

Your phone died and failed to wake you up because your alarm failed to go off as scheduled at one time or more.

You might say that you can just plug in the device, but not all people love the idea of having their smartphone charged overnight.

And even if you do so, restarts, as well as other problems, can arise.

Since smart alarm clocks only have one main purpose, you can count on them to do the job right.

What is the second reason?

Perhaps you prefer something you can take a glance to check the time without the need to use your phone.

A digital assistant can solve this issue although they might also wake up your bed-mate if you suddenly woke up at midnight and you wish to check the time.

Smart clocks
Smart clocks

A smart alarm clock brings the heavy clock radios to the next level.

While most feature LCD screens that could give off dangerous blue light, you can turn down the brightness and use your voice to operate them.

If you care to read smart clock reviews, you will learn that most of them are powered by the smart assistants such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to turn off smart lights, set morning alarms, and check the weather.

Some also feature built-in speakers so you can listen to music, rain sounds, or white noise to fall asleep faster.

Love reading about Smart Clock, you might wanna check out all the aspects of the Smart Clock.

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Smart Clocks

Smart Clock

A smart clock offers a plethora of state-of-the-art features and exciting benefits at different price points.

Since smart alarm clocks are not made equal, it is imperative that you consider several things before you decide on the smart clock that best suits you and your needs.

Smart Clock: The Top Considerations to Remember Before You Buy One

Do you struggle to get up and out of bed in the morning? Sure enough, this is a common battle for most of us.


Quite often, we rely on our smartphone alarms but their loudspeakers suddenly get us up from our deep sleep ruining the whole day.


However, there are many trusty options out there, perfect for individuals like you who cannot stand the ring of an alarm.

The Home Dweller

Smart Clock

Smart Features

Smart clocks
Smart clocks

Make sure you start off by reviewing each and every smart feature of smart clocks and determine those that you find absolutely necessary.

You also have to take note of the so-called nice to have options.

These smart features must be personalized according to your unique situation.

It includes whether this can connect to your smartphone if there are customizable features to suit your sleeping patterns, and how it will wake you up.

In addition, you also need to look for features not related to sleep, such as viewing your security cameras and controlling the devices in your smart home.

Type of Alarm

Google Alarm ClockA smart clock can have a long list of smart features but at the end of the day, what you need it to do is make sure that you are energized and rejuvenated after a good quality sleep.

Having said this, you should opt for a smart clock that can effectively wake you up.

Smart alarm clocks make use of three main methods here:

  • Sound – A smart clock doesn’t use a loud buzzer that will jolt you up. There are alarms that let you customize your playlist of wake-up music. Some feature different soothing sounds inspired by nature. Do you sleep light that even the gentlest of sounds wake you up or are you a deep sleeper that requires a harsher and louder sound? Your specific situation can help you with this decision.
  • Light – The best smart clock can use light to wake you up in the most natural way possible. The alarms can mimic the sunrise and brighten up your room slowly. The light will gently wake you up during the best stage of your sleep cycle. It lets you feel better rested so you can be ready to seize the day ahead of you.
  • Physical Actions and Vibration – Heavy sleepers require extra motivation to leave their bed every morning. If you are one of them, there are smart clocks that vibrate to wake you up and physically encourage you to leave your bed in order to turn the alarm off.


Another important consideration when shopping for a smart clock is the design and level of sophistication you need.

You have to weigh the perks of attractive design and put these side by side with features such as price and user-friendliness.

You also need to consider the smart clock’s design to ensure that it blends well with your room’s design.


Finally, the price point for smart clocks can greatly vary.

You need to think of the balance between quality, affordability, and the features you are looking for in this type of clocks.

Consider this as a wise investment for better sleep quality and not only a mere electronic device.

So these are all the considerations you should take before buying  one. Want to read about smart clock reviews? We have a ton of them on your website, just browse around or click here.

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Smart Alarm Clock

Have you always wanted to wake up in a better and happier way?

A Smart alarm clock makes today just the perfect time for you to ditch your long-time bedside companion.

Opt for a newer and more capable device in a brand new form.

Waking Up Happier is Easy with a Smart Alarm Clock

smart alarm clocks
Not really a smart alarm clock

What do you usually get from your alarm clock?

Are you counting on your smartphone to blare, beep, and chime when it is time for you to leave your bed?

Or maybe you don’t use an alarm clock at all.

How would it feel like if your dreams were a bit sweeter courtesy of a device that wakes you up properly and ensures that your day starts on a good note?

This is exactly what a smart alarm clock can do for you.

What are Smart Alarm Clocks?

Smart alarm clocks are types of alarm clocks designed with no less than 1 smart feature.

NOTE: Check Out This Selection of the Best Smart Alarm Clocks.

Alarm clocks can be smart in several different ways.

For instance, a smart alarm clock connects to any smarthome . The device can be set up in such a way that something else takes place every time the alarm goes off.

For instance, your lights may turn on once the alarm rings, or maybe the coffee maker turns on through a smart switch in your kitchen.

One more popular way that sets smart alarm clocks apart is they are smart-assistant operated.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the primary options here.

Such devices are almost similar to Google Nest or Amazon Echo, but the primary difference is that they look to resemble that of a clock and not a smart assistant speaker hub.

It is also possible to find a smart alarm clock that comes with some non-traditional features.

For example, a sunrise alarm clock wakes you up with the soft light glow meant to resemble the rising sun and get brighter little by little.

A vibration alarm feature is likewise smart.

This is perfect for those who wouldn’t want their bedmate to wake up once their alarm goes off. It also works for deaf people and those who have hearing issues.

Pointers to Remember When Looking for a Smart Alarm Clock

There are several important questions you must ask yourself first when you go shopping for your first smart alarm clock.

For starters, do you need a device with a single purpose? There are people who prefer a dedicated alarm clock that doesn’t do anything else.

Others expect more uses from their alarm clock that can double as a portable lamp or smart speaker.

If you are looking for other devices in the market, you might check if they come with an alarm clock functionality to help you save yourself from additional purchase.

However, it is best to stay away from double duty devices with built-in microphones and camera. Be extra wary of the things you place and use in your bedroom.

Would you like a device that connects to the existing setup in your smart home? In case your smart home is running on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, look for a smart alarm clock that connects to it.

What Benefits Can You Get from a Smart Alarm Clock?

Every time you think of cool gadgets and new technology, chances are alarm clocks are not among the first things you think of.

Today, however, the technology of smart alarm clock has substantially evolved.

It has become large to the extent that it now has major impacts on people’s lives, or this may at least do so once people start adapting to this technology.

If you have plans to swap your old alarm clock with a newer technology, make sure you get a smart alarm clock and enjoy the following benefits:

Enjoy Right Timing Every Time

Timing is the key factor to wake up properly.

When you sleep, it is not like you are awake and fall asleep right away. Instead, your body undergoes a certain sleep cycle that passes through several stages.

The initial stage is not even when you fall asleep.

This is when you are put in a lower consciousness state where you daydream.

Light sleep is the next stage with deep sleep right behind it and finally, REM sleep where your body repairs itself and you dream.

The complete sleep cycle of light to deep then REM, not including the stage of daydreaming before you really fall sleep, is completed within 90 minutes and repeats itself several times.

Considering this information, your traditional alarm clock can go off at the specific time that you set.

It means that you will be wakened up no matter what point in the sleep cycle you are in.

A smart alarm clock, on the other hand, is meant to get that perfect timing. It wakes you up at that moment in your sleep cycle that you feel most refreshed and alert.

Take Advantage of Advanced Smart Clock Technology

One more exciting benefit to using a smart alarm clock is that it uses advanced technology to guarantee accuracy with the timing.

A smart alarm clock specifically uses things like motion and sound tracking technology to make sure that all stages of your sleep are monitored in a precise and accurate manner. Your smart alarm clock will wake you up at the phase of light sleep instead of REM or deep sleep stage.

Smart Quality Sleep is Now Possible

The next notable advantage of a smart alarm clock is that it gives you the chance to enjoy a higher quality of sleep each and every night.

You will feel less tired and groggy every time you wake up the next morning. The alarm won’t cause any disruptions during the stage of REM or deep sleep.

Aside from this, a traditional alarm clock tends to use LED lights that can suppress the production of melatonin.

It is never something you have to worry about if you use a smart alarm clock, and this can further improve your sleep quality all in all.

Lastly, when you use a smart alarm clock, you can just turn off your smartphone the whole night, and you don’t need to be disturbed about alerts or buzzing sound coming from it.

A smart alarm clock proves its value, and you can expect that the benefits you can get from it give you more than your money’s worth.

What is the Best Smart Alarm Clock

Probably the Lenovo Alarm Smart Clock with Google Assistant


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Assistant Clocks Smart Clocks

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo has recently introduced its latest Lenovo Smart Clock. 

This clock gets its smarts from its pairing with Google Assistant that perfectly combines the convenience of an alarm system and clock.

Additionally, you get numerous perks you can expect from a smart speaker.

Lenovo Smart Clock – A Clock of Convenience with the Perks of a Smart Speaker

Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant lets you wake up feeling more rested. As the screen brightness gently increases, you can ease yourself into the day.


Set up a Good Morning Routine to bring you the local traffic, news, weather, and sports automatically. And if you need more rest, simply tap the device to snooze or dismiss the alarm.

Specifications of Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Alarm Cloc

The new Lenovo Smart Clock is a bit small with a display of 4 inches, but you can still expect this to be the perfect size you can have at your bedside table.

This smart clock has a touch screen and voice control. This also comes with a USB port you can find at the back of the device.

With this port, you can easily charge your phone overnight or anytime you need to.

According to the company, they decided to come up with this smart clock as their way to reduce disturbing screen time during bedtime in order to help promote better sleep every night.

Lenovo alarm clock sitting
Lenovo Smart alarm clock

You can also set up several sleep routines such as dimming your room’s lights.

All you have to do is say, “Hey Google, goodnight.”

It will also show you the first event in your calendar the moment you wake up in the morning.

There are two passive radiators and a 6W speaker under the hood that will fill up your room to let you relax as you listen to the radio and your favorite music.

You can also kick start your day listening to your favorite radio station or music.

The Lenovo Smart Clock speaker also comes in handy if you wish to fall into slumber with guided sleep meditation, ambient noises, or relaxing music.

Since this also works as your smart speaker, you can also enjoy playing podcasts and audiobooks as much as you want.

This Lenovo Smart Clock also works great with Chromecast.

This allows you to stream your favorite music and shows straight on your TV and again, all you need to do is ask for it.

Wake Up in Style with Lenovo Smart Clock

Waking up with Lenovo Smart Clock doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive as there are lots of ways to do it.

For instance, you can choose to have a gentler routine for waking up.

You can include setting your room’s lights to brighten gradually. You can also set your music or alarm to progressively increase the volume level within 30 minutes before the wake time you chose.

assistant smart clock lenovo
Assistant Smart Clock by Lenovo

This type of wake up method also triggers a morning routine that will inform you of the current weather.

Add this together with your calendar events and reminders.

This also lets you know about the condition of traffic in your area that can help you with your morning commute.

Also, don’t forget that Lenovo Smart Clock serves as a hub that controls the connected and smart devices in your home, including the heater or coffee maker.

On top of it all, the device also allows you to check your security cameras’ feed or check on your baby with no need to leave your bed in the middle of the night.

Lenovo Smart Clock connects to over 10,000 smart products and devices from 1,000 partner brands.

Such Great connection is all due its integration with google assitant. This power up implents more devices to connect with the Smart Clock. 

Learn about other features and topics related to Lenovo Smart Clock.

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