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Without a reliable alarm clock, there is a big chance that your day may never start in the first place, or it may start on the wrong foot, so to speak.

But, if you are a deep or heavy sleeper, it is just normal that you have more expectations from your good old alarm clock.

A Google Assistant smart clock, for example, can help make your sleep patterns return to normal like before.

Today, there are many beside assistants you can find in the market that have revolutionized traditional alarm clocks.

Google Assistant Smart Clock – Better Mornings for a Better Life

Google Assistant Smart Clock

 iHome debuted its counterpart: The iGV1, a Google Assistant-powered version of the iHome alarm clock. It’ll cost $140 ($10 less than the Alexa counterpart) when it goes on sale later this year, and it’ll have all the features you have come to expect from the Google Assistant, including integration with Android devices.


The iGV1 lets you control smart home devices, play music, send emails, check the news, and more. You can ask it to check the weather for you, or to give you updates on your morning commute.

Adam Conway, XDA Developers

If the old tricks of your alarm clock no longer work to get you to wake up every morning the way it used to in the past, then, it is about time that you look for the right tool to help you sleep better.

Google Assistant Smart Clock: Purpose

A Google Assistant smart clock is ideal for this particular purpose. This boasts of features such as smart home integration and custom alarms that use your preferred music.

This can improve your mood every morning and encourage you to get out of bed sooner to avoid getting late for work, school, or other commitments.

Google Assistant Smart Clock
Google Assistant Smart Clock

Wouldn’t it be so much easier for you to roll out of your bed if you know that the available snooze presses are limited?

Or who can say no to waking up if the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is already wafting from your remotely activated coffee maker?

With your Google Assistant smart clock, you can even set the bedside screen so that the news will be turned on right away or any other things you need for your daily morning routine.

You can even wake up to your preferred playlist, or you can set for sunrise light to brighten up your room little by little depending on the particular platform you’re using.

Google also comes with a guide for setting alarms with the help of Google Home Assistant. Some third-party platforms also provide the same functions.

A Wi-Fi connection at home is the only thing you need for you to make the most out of Google Assistant smart clock, although some must be connected to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Something you have to remember is that a Google Assistant smart clock is a big leap away from your traditional atomic clock, which often sits by your bedside.


iHome Alarm Clock
iHome Alarm Clock

Typically, there are no clock buttons for setting your alarm in an old fashioned way.

You will also need a reliable internet connection to make the most out of such devices.

This is a must if you don’t want your clock to be stuck on a reboot cycle throughout the night.

Most Google Assistant smart clocks don’t have any backup batteries that make them not so ideal if there is no power in your area because of a storm or any other reasons.

For some, however, the benefits of a Google Assistant smart clock still outweigh the drawbacks.

Things can just get better for these smart alarm clocks since the platform is starting to gain more new features on a constant basis.


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Google Clocks Smart Clocks

Google Smart Clock

Are you sick and tired of waking up violently courtesy of your morning alarm every single morning from your deep slumber?

Do you often feel more tired than energized just because you snoozed off too many times than necessary?

Google Smart Clock might be the answer if these questions got a YES for an answer.  This might just be the perfect time for an upgrade to that clanky old clock.

Google Smart Clock

A smart alarm clock has features that can improve your wake-up routine. This bedside upgrade can help you get up on the right side of the bed every morning.


Each intelligent alarm clock is different, so some will help you fall asleep while others track and promote better sleep cycles. Some even use lighting technology to help gently wake you up.

Andrea Cannon, WiseBread


Google Smart Clock – Your Partner to Kick Start Your Day

Google Smart Clock uses the newest trends in sleep technology.

This has been designed to make sure that your wakeup call is peaceful every time instead of an offensive awakening that often leaves you feeling irritable and lethargic.

What Can You Expect from a Google Smart Clock and Wake up Alarm?

Google Smart Clock
Google Smart Clock

Timing matters the most if you want to wake up the proper way.

Every time you sleep, your brain and body go through natural cycles of sleep.

Light sleep is the very first state in this sleep cycle. Deep sleep follows then REM sleep or the stage when you start dreaming.

A complete set up of the sleep cycle lasts for around 90 minutes, and this is often repeated a few times every night.

The main issue with the traditional alarm clock is none other than the much-dreaded buzz that can often jolt you from your sleep not considering the specific point in the sleep cycle that you are at.

Once this kind of abrupt awakening happens during an inappropriate part of your sleep cycle, or it is not yet the end of the cycle, it can wrench you from the deep sleep that you need the most.

It also disturbs your natural rhythm and leaves you feeling groggy and drained.

Google Smart Clock uses sound and motion tracking technology for monitoring your sleep and determining the best time to wake you up gently from your sleep cycle’s lightest stage.

The smart wake up alarm also typically includes body motion sensors that determine the current stage you are in your sleep cycle and use soothing sounds and lights to rouse you from your slumber gently.

Benefits of Google Smart Clock

Amazon Smart Clock
Amazon Smart Clock

Just as you expect, all products that tout the newest sleep technology will tend to be a bit pricier compared to your ordinary alarm clocks.

However, would it be worth it if you fork out a few extra cash for the best smart clock and alarm? Can this bring tangible advantages to your life as a whole?

In a sensible sense, yes, a smart clock is more than worth its price. This has been revolutionized in such a way that you wake up and start your morning right.

However, there are still many other more general advantages you could expect to get from your Google Smart Clock:

  • No more disruptions to a sleep cycle that will lead to complete sleep every night.
  • No more a feeling of sleeplessness upon waking up.
  • No more loud noises that will keep you awake on your bed mate.
  • You can leave your phone turned off without worrying that you will miss an alarm.
  • Start every day on a peaceful note.

Loved the article,? here check on about other assistant smart clocks from google.

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Google Clocks Smart Clocks

Vobot Smart Clock

Do you like a cute, smart clock for your bedside table?

Then, the Vobot Smart Clock is something worthy to check out.

With the integration of Amazon Alexa, motion and touch controls, and scheduling features for a healthier and more informed lifestyle, it is almost impossible not to fall in love with this charming smart clock.

Looking to build upon the holiday popularity of the Amazon Echo and other Amazon Alexa enabled devices is Vobot Inc., a startup specializing in AI and acoustics.


At this year’s CES, Vobot is debuting the latest in its smart-home lineup — the Vobot Clock, branded as the first Amazon Alexa-enabled timepiece to hit the market.


Thanks to the ever-expanding Amazon Developer Portal (which is adding a growing number of Alexa Skills to your arsenal), products like the Vobot clock are becoming ever more ubiquitous, making your life easier than ever before.

Lulu Chang , Digital Trend

Vobot Smart Clock – Your Charming Smart Clock with Amazon Alexa

Vobot Smart Clock

Vobot Smart Clock – Stylish Clock Like No Other

Vobot Smart clock
Vobot Smart clock

The Vobot smart clock is a tiny device that you can easily place on all but the tiniest of flat surfaces.

Combined with its stylish appearance, it can make any room in your home look so much better. Vobot can feel right at home on your nightstand, dresser, desk, entertainment center, or countertop.

You will only find three physical buttons on the device, and all of these are found at the back so that the exterior looks sleek.

This also has two hidden features, and the first one is the hidden button that is touch-sensitive right on the upper portion at the back of the front bezel to activate voice controls.

The second hidden feature is the speaker for the music playback and to hear the responses of Alexa.

The speaker features a grill so that it will not be totally hidden without being a sore spot.

When it comes to building quality, the Vobot smart clock has a solid built and bronze or copper trim surrounding the screen to make it match any décor.

If you consider style important, Vobot smart clock is a much better option.

Personality and Smart Feature

Vobot smart clock takes its key functionality from Amazon Alexa that helps in voice interactivity.

However, the makers of Vobot didn’t stop there as they also added in Daily Routine and Sleep Coach.

Sleep Coach will help you fall into a slumber through playing various sounds including nature sounds, white noise, and even some hypnotic music. 

Daily Routine, on the other hand, will serve as your wakeup call that uses music.

This can be something you choose personally, or it could be of the wake-up genre.

These forms of simple functions have excellent applications for your life to be easier and more convenient.

You can see that the Vobot team really did something great there.

vobot playing Song
vobot playing Song

And then, there is Amazon Alexa. This is a true powerhouse when it comes to voice commands.

Even though it has a tough competitor in the form of Google Assistant, Alexa is really close behind when it comes to day to day functionality so you can still accomplish most of your tasks with no fuss at all.

However, this is not the true primary personality here.

Vobot smart clock also comes with digital eyes.

Yes, you’ve read that right.

The small screen will look at you every time you ask something.

This is a compelling and adorable feature that you cannot just find in other smart alarm clocks in the market.

The functionality, design, and build quality of Vobot smart clock are topnotch combined with the nice touch of personality that will surely make you smile.

Just like the Vobot smart clock, there are other smart clocks which you should look into, to have a better idea and understanding about Google Assistant Smart clocks, you can simply browse other contents of our website.

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Assistant Clocks Google Clocks Smart Clocks

Lenovo Alarm Clock

If you are like any other ordinary person, chances are you are currently using your smartphone as your alarm that wakes you up every morning.

The lenovo alarm clock sets to make that process more efficient.

It is not surprising that about 70% of children check phones after they lay down.

61% of parents tend to check their phones within 30 minutes after they fall asleep at night.

Lenovo Alarm Clock – The Best Alternative to Your Phone’s Alarm Clock

Lenovo alarm clock

Your smartphone impacts your sleep in many ways than what you probably know and realize.

These devices not only have the potential of buzzing or beeping during the night.

Researchers have also revealed that your phone screen emits a blue light that is linked to suppressing melatonin production.

Melatonin is the hormone that is in charge of controlling your circadian rhythm.

The lenovo smart alarm clock

If there is lesser melatonin production, it will make it much harder for you to fall asleep.

Your mobile devices also have the possibility of causing emotional stimulation that might make you stay awake for a longer time.

What is worse is that you might encounter intimacy problems with your spouse or partner because of them.

Like the Lenovo Smart Display, the Lenovo Smart Clock runs on Android Things with support for all the core Google Assistant functionality.


That means you can check the weather, show calendar events, see info on your commute, control music playback, and more all through your voice or on the touchscreen through a slide-based UI unique to the Smart Clock.

Olive Cragg, Android Authority

This is why smart alarm clocks like Lenovo Alarm Clock are a better option.

What is the Lenovo Alarm Clock?

The Lenovo Alarm Clock is a tiny smart display that was announced not too long ago.

What makes this device different from the rest is the way that it focuses on the alarm clock features.

It has a touchscreen display of 4 inches.

This is not high resolution, but it has the tendency to get extremely dark the moment you go to sleep.

Google also made sure that they add more functionality to the alarm clock feature set of Google Assistant.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is definitely going to feel at home right on your bedside table or nightstand.

 Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock sitting.

For starters, the Lenovo Alarm Clock has similar features just like other types of smart displays.

However, because of the small display, it means that you won’t be able to cast video.

This still offers all the forms of music streaming you like.

Google Assistant can also recommend the best time for setting your alarm depending on the events in the calendar and your alarm history.

There is also a Sunrise Alarm feature that gradually lights up the display for more than 30 minutes so that you can wake up in the most natural way possible.

One of the important aspects of all alarm clocks is, of course, the snooze feature.

In the Lenovo Alarm Clock, all you need to do is tap on the upper portion of the clock or just say “Stop” with no need to say “Hey Google” command just so the alarm will be turned off.


While your smartphone offers a lot of exciting benefits and features, there are some things that it can never do so well, and one of these is making sure that you wake up properly.

Good thing that with the Lenovo Alarm Clock, there will be no more reasons for you to lose sleep or jolt up from an awesome dream.

get to know more about the exciting features that the Lenovo Alarm Clock has to offer.

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Google Clocks

Google Clock

Android smartphones feature the multi-utility app Google Clock. This is among the ever-present features you can find on almost all types of phones today.

Aside from iOS, Android, the now-defunct Symbion OS, or even phones powered by Java, all of these feature a clock application.

While such types of clocks come with different features, all of them are basically used to set alarms and show times from different time zones.

Google Clock: How do you Harness its Fullest Potential?  

Google Clock

The Google Clock app has been scantily updated, and most of the updates of which have something to do with enhancements on the UI.

But, not too long ago, it received one major update consist of Spotify integration.

This means that you no longer have to settle for your same old tones for alarm because you can now set and use musical alarms to greet you first thing in the morning.

If the clock app that came with your phone is terrible, or if you just want to check out Google’s take on time management, then grab the clock app from the Play Store. The Google clock app functions as an alarm, timer, stopwatch, or of course a world clock

Derek Walter , greenBot

How Do You Get the App?

You can use the Google Clock app as your phone runs on 4.4 Android version or higher.

By default, your device already has Google Clock as one of its features.

In case your device doesn’t have it, you can also find and download it from Google Play. Click on the Install button to download then install the application on your device.

Add Google Clock to Your Home Screen

The clock app
The clock app

Android phones feature a widget for Google Clock.

You can choose to add this clock widget on the home screen of your Android device.

Before you begin, let’s assume that your Android smartphone already has a Google Clock application.

To add this to your home screen, follow these steps:

  1. Press then hold any empty space on the home screen of your Android phone for 2 to 3 seconds.
  2. Click on Widgets.
  3. On the available widget, search for the Clock card.
  4. Drag then drop the widget for the clock to your device’s home screen.

After you have finished putting the widget on your home screen, you will now be able to customize this clock widget on the home screen.

These are the steps you can follow to resize any of the aspect ratio sizes.

  1. Press then hold the Google Clock app for a moment on the home screen.
  2. The Clock widget is going to show the Resize Control in white color around it.
  3. Touch tend to drag this to the appropriate size you want.
  4. Lift your finger once you are done.

You can also remove the Google Clock app from the home screen by just touching and dragging to the upper part of the home screen.

Google Alarm clock
An Alarm Clock

Change the Display of the Clock

There are two modes for displaying Google Clock, including Digital and Analog.

You can switch to any of these two modes through following these steps:

  1. Click on the Clock app from the device drawer.
  2. Tap on the three dots found on the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Choose Analog or Digital from the Style menu in the Clock Settings.

The app only shows Minutes and Hour’s hand by default, but you can also add the second’s hand.

Just slide the button to the right that you can find in front of the Display time with the seconds.

So that’s all about the Google Clock and how do you set it up and all other necessary details.

If we missed something, do let us know by typing it on to the comment section.

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Google Clocks

Google Smart Alarm Clock

Can you confidently say that you get sufficient sleep every night?

If 7 hours of sleep will be used as standard, the Google Smart Alarm Clock is here to change that up.

There are approximately 35% of adults in the United States who don’t get enough sleep.

And if you look at adolescents who are recommended to get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep, the numbers jump to a staggering 68%.

Google Smart Alarm Clock Makes Better Sleep Possible

Google Smart Alarm Clock
Smart Alarm Clock by Google

Which camp do you belong to?

What is your average hours of sleep? Are looking for a way to help you get more hours of sleep and make the most out of the time as you do so?

You probably feel naked without your smartphone by your side, but keeping it on your night stand and using it as an alarm clock could interfere with a good night’s sleep if you’re tempted to check your texts and emails.


It also emits something called “blue light” that is so bright that it can trick your mind into thinking that it’s daytime and keep you up late at night. A better bet might be making your bedroom a cell-phone-free zone, and instead getting an alarm clock that will ease you into a good morning. Here are some tips for choosing the best alarm clock for you.

Whether you believe it or not, Google Smart Alarm Clock by Lenovo will be able to help you with that. How does it do it, then?

Sleep Schedule Adjustments with the Help of Google Smart Alarm Clock

If the world was perfect, it would be easy for you to sleep and wake up at exactly the same time on a daily basis.

The moment your internal clock managed to adjust to this schedule, there will be no need for you to use the Google Smart Alarm Clock to wake you up, provided that you get enough sleep every time. 


Alarm Clock Google
image by androidcentral

Sadly, the world is far from being perfect, which means that your sleep schedule possibly isn’t either.

Google Smart Alarm Clock will help you a lot in adjusting your sleep schedule and make it work better and more effectively for you.

Your Google Smart Alarm Clock will move you to the new routine little by making you wake up a bit earlier every morning.

You can also take advantage of the limited number of times you can snooze to ensure that you will be up and ready for the day ahead of time.

The smart alarm clock also takes cues from you so that you wake up time will then be based depending on where you are in the natural sleep cycle.

Isn’t it nice if your alarm clock doesn’t accidentally wake you up just when you have a wonderful dream?

Google Smart Alarm Clock for Reliable Wake Up Call

In this day and age where smartphones have the ability to do everything aside from brushing your teeth, why not just use the alarm clock that comes with it?

Well, the answer here is simple: reliability.

smart alarm clock google
image of Google Smart Alarm Clock by cnet

Alarm clocks in smartphones are notorious for not going off just when you expect them to.

On top of that, you cannot do anything if your battery suddenly runs out in the break of dawn.

You can charge it overnight but what will happen if you forget about it on the night before an important meeting?

To make sure that your wakeup call is something you can count on, the Google Smart Alarm Clock is what you need.

It will ensure that you won’t miss that early appointment, nor will you fail to catch the plane for your business travel.

With Google Smart Alarm Clock, you can sleep and wake up better than ever before.

Google Clocks

Google Alarm Clock

Different devices with Smart Display have now become in demand in the market.

These can work mainly in two rooms in your house, none other than your bedroom and the kitchen.

Using your own voice to control a small display is ideal when you are already lying on your bed, and you are too lazy to get up as well as when you have your hands full while cooking.

Now more than ever, bedside functionality has gotten so much better with the introduction of Google Alarm clock.

Google Alarm Clock: How do use it?

Alarm Clock Google

Alarm clocks have long been faithful bedside companions, getting us to wake up in time for work, school and other obligations. Thanks to voice assistants, these timepieces have gotten a major upgrade. Like traditional alarm clocks, smart alarm clocks have  big, bold displays that tell the time (and more).

-Monica Chin, TomsGuide

Set Up Your Routines on Google Alarm Clock

If your Android device serves as your alarm clock, the Google Alarm Clock app lets you make it smarter.

This comes with routines powered by Google Assistant that can be used for controlling your smartphone or playing your preferred audio that will wake you up every morning.

Google Alarm Clock

No Need for Google Home to Get Routines

Probably the foremost issue with alarms is the fact that these are too easy to snooze several times.

Before you notice it, you are late, you skipped breakfast, and rushing every day of the week.

You can now solve this problem with smart home routines.

The truth is that automation is what makes smarthomes truly powerful.

With a definite morning routine, your voice assistant will great you, turn the lights on, raise the curtains, play music, and start reading the morning news.

Even when you continue snoozing the alarm, there is no way you won’t wake up once your room is filled with blaring music and lights.

However, if you don’t have a Google Home, Amazon Echo, or Lenovo Smart Clock or you are not a fan of having such a device inside your bedroom, you are actually losing out on the audio aspects of this routine.

If you are using an Android device, there are routines you can run with no need for Google Home inside your bedroom as made possible by the update in the alarm feature of Google Alarm Clock.

The best thing here is that it is rather straightforward and easy to use.

Regrettably, the feature is one part of the Google Alarm Clock app that you cannot find on the iPhone, so you will need an Android device to do it.

Add Your Routines to Google Alarm Clock

In today’s market of voice assistants, the most useful features don’t really sound that great most of the time.

Oftentimes, people just use Google Assistants for doing things such as setting timers and playing funny fart sounds to entertain their kids.

It is not sophisticated yet, but little by little, the world is taking a step towards the omnipresent AI that people have been dreaming of.

All that it takes is a consistent release of features.

Google has announced the slew of these features which include the addition of Google Assistant routines in the Google Alarm Clock app, an ability to use Do Not Disturb mode on your device through the smart speaker, and so much more.

The integration of dedicated routines in the Google Alarm Clock makes so much sense since many Android users start their morning turning the alarm off.

This newly rolled out feature is the perfect combination of functionalities, proving how Google will be able to harness the power of its extensive Android ecosystem.

Well with this, we can wrap up the article on a strat note that now you can easily set up an alarm on your google clock. To learn more about google assistant clock, you can just visit here.

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Google Clocks

Google Assistant Clock

Really, what was the need for the google assistant clock? 

Well, no one wants to wake up to a loud blaring alarm, but nothing is worse than accidentally forgetting to set the alarm the night before.

You can’t miss school.

You can’t afford to miss work.

Old alarm clocks aren’t working for you.

Any of these situations is never the perfect way to start the day.

If you want to enjoy a more pleasant experience right from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Google Assistant Clock: New  Features to Wake You Up

You need some help to manage your routines every evening and morning, the Google Assistant Clock from Lenovo is the newest addition that your bedroom needs and deserves.

Google Alarm clock

Alarm clocks have long been faithful bedside companions, getting us to wake up in time for work, school and other obligations. Thanks to voice assistants, these timepieces have gotten a major upgrade. Like traditional alarm clocks, smart alarm clocks have  big, bold displays that tell the time (and more)

Monica Chin, TomsGuide

What are these Crazy Features of this Google Assistant Clock ?

The latest Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant is now available in major online and retail stores in the US. 

This features a sleek interactive touch screen of 4 inches and fits well into the overall décor of your bedroom.

While you will still get mostly similar Google Assistant Clock features that you can expect to find in other devices, this smart clock comes with several new tricks so your day will start better and your night will induce the much-needed rest.

Google Clock Assitant
Google Clock Assistant on Phone

For instance, this Google Assistant Clock will recommend the ideal time for you to set your alarm for the following morning. Depending on the events included in your calendar or your alarm history, it will help you decide the correct waking time.

This helps you ensure that you don’t miss any of your important appointments.

There is also the Sunrise Alarm wherein the screen’s brightness will increase little by little 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.

Dark colors will evolve into brighter lights to resemble the sunrise so you will wake up in the most natural way possible.

A New Way to Snooze, the Smart Clock Way

This  Google Assistant Clock will also let you snooze your alarm easily.

Click here to see pricing and similar clocks

You can just hard tap this with no need to glance at the screen or better yet, forget about saying “Hey Google” and just say “stop” to make things simpler.

The Google Assistant Clock works just like other devices powered by Google Assistant.

This means that you can still play audiobooks, podcasts, and playlists. You can also use Routines for getting several things done with just one command.

With a simple “Hey Google, goodnight,” you will be able to activate the alarm around the house, turn all your lights off, play some music to help you relax, and lower the volume of your smart clock.

And there is more to smart-clocking than gadetry

Google Alarm clock
An Alarm Clock

While you are sleeping, the Google Assistant Clock will then transition into a dark mode to avoid the screen from disturbing you once you hit the sack.

You can also expect it to be compatible with the rest of the smart displays or smart speakers to let you perform an audio grouping in multiple rooms.

This Google Assistant Clock comes with a USB port that you can use for charging your phone while sleeping. 

Finally, you can choose from different designs of clock faces to go well with your bedroom décor and suit your personal style.

The Google Assistant Clock is no doubt the perfect answer for those mornings when you can use a nice and innovative way of waking up.

With this clock, there is no longer a need to feel stressed out before your day officially begins.

And that’s exactly what Google wants you to feel, more relaxed and composed after a good night’s sleep. Here you can learn more about other Google Alarm Clocks.

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