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Solis Assistant Clock

Not too long ago, Google allowed other device makers to use Assistant, and this opened doors of opportunity for experiences with Google Home.

The audio experience is further improved compared to the speakers that Google itself offers.

Solis is among the many brands that hope to do it, and this is why they launched their newest Solis Assistant Clock and smart speaker.

Solis Assistant Clock: A Review – Is It Worth Your Money?



The Solis SO-2000 can set alarms, play music, answer questions, and do many things that the Google Home speaker, also powered by the Google Assistant, can do.


Users can also set reminders, search for information on the internet, control their smart home gadgets, and more, all via voice commands

Alexandra Burlacu, Androidheadlines

Solis Assistant Clock: A depth to all of its Features

The Design

Solis-Assitant-Clock Speaker
Solis Assitant SPeaker by Google 9 to 5

The Solis Assistant clock and the smart speaker have been designed to work as your bedside alarm clock.

This has a bigger size compared to other smart clocks you can find out there.

Compared to other models from Solis, some aspects of the design of the Solis Assistant clock feel a bit out of place or date.

The part of the spherical speaker resembles a flat tire in an upside-down position.

On the base, you will find the control buttons, and while useful, it makes the device look like a boom box straight from the mid-2000s instead of a contemporary smart speaker.

The Smart Features

The Solis Assistant clock seeks to become a rival of Google Home as it offers a dedicated Assistant button.

It also integrates with the ecosystem through Google Home app.

One notable thing about this model is the sensitive microphone.

It lets you talk to the Assistant even if you are a few distances away. Although there are other smartwatches, speakers and many smart Assistant in this category, nothing can beat the sensitivity of this one’s microphone.

Its too good and can hear our command voice a far away distance from wherever you are. No doubt about. Tried and Tested.

Even though the unit seems like it was purposely made to act as an alarm clock, you might find it a bit awkward to set your alarm using music.

You have to use the exact incantation to do so. Any alternative phrasing that sounds more natural might not be understood at all.

Remember though that the moment some words have been interpreted the wrong way, or Google doesn’t recognize the playlist or artist, things may go south.

These problems, however, are flaws because of Google Assistant and not Solis Assistant clock itself.

Additionally, it also doesn’t change the undeniable fact that you might find it difficult to use the device for any of its main purposes.

Image OF the SO-2000 Form Solis

This doesn’t mean that it is not an excellent clock, though. Its LED display that has adjustable brightness is wonderful and can be seen even from a good distance.

It also displays active countdown timers if there are any.

The Sound

After you set up the unit in its place, it is time for you to test the sound.

The Solis Assistant clock has the tendency to be fairly loud that it can rock an entire studio apartment without compromising on clarity.

Generally speaking, it is an ideal device if you prefer a more lean-back and casual listening experience.

The lower mid-range and the enveloping bass promises that you won’t be distracted from your conversations or tasks.

The Value

The Solis Assistant clock is one of the smart alarm clocks that you can consider to add to your bedside table.

It comes equipped with several notable and useful features that you will surely love.

This makes it a good investment that will give you value for your money.

To learn about more cool smart Assitant clocks, just point your cursor here

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Google Assistant Smart Clock

Without a reliable alarm clock, there is a big chance that your day may never start in the first place, or it may start on the wrong foot, so to speak.

But, if you are a deep or heavy sleeper, it is just normal that you have more expectations from your good old alarm clock.

A Google Assistant smart clock, for example, can help make your sleep patterns return to normal like before.

Today, there are many beside assistants you can find in the market that have revolutionized traditional alarm clocks.

Google Assistant Smart Clock – Better Mornings for a Better Life

Google Assistant Smart Clock

 iHome debuted its counterpart: The iGV1, a Google Assistant-powered version of the iHome alarm clock. It’ll cost $140 ($10 less than the Alexa counterpart) when it goes on sale later this year, and it’ll have all the features you have come to expect from the Google Assistant, including integration with Android devices.


The iGV1 lets you control smart home devices, play music, send emails, check the news, and more. You can ask it to check the weather for you, or to give you updates on your morning commute.

Adam Conway, XDA Developers

If the old tricks of your alarm clock no longer work to get you to wake up every morning the way it used to in the past, then, it is about time that you look for the right tool to help you sleep better.

Google Assistant Smart Clock: Purpose

A Google Assistant smart clock is ideal for this particular purpose. This boasts of features such as smart home integration and custom alarms that use your preferred music.

This can improve your mood every morning and encourage you to get out of bed sooner to avoid getting late for work, school, or other commitments.

Google Assistant Smart Clock
Google Assistant Smart Clock

Wouldn’t it be so much easier for you to roll out of your bed if you know that the available snooze presses are limited?

Or who can say no to waking up if the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is already wafting from your remotely activated coffee maker?

With your Google Assistant smart clock, you can even set the bedside screen so that the news will be turned on right away or any other things you need for your daily morning routine.

You can even wake up to your preferred playlist, or you can set for sunrise light to brighten up your room little by little depending on the particular platform you’re using.

Google also comes with a guide for setting alarms with the help of Google Home Assistant. Some third-party platforms also provide the same functions.

A Wi-Fi connection at home is the only thing you need for you to make the most out of Google Assistant smart clock, although some must be connected to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Something you have to remember is that a Google Assistant smart clock is a big leap away from your traditional atomic clock, which often sits by your bedside.


iHome Alarm Clock
iHome Alarm Clock

Typically, there are no clock buttons for setting your alarm in an old fashioned way.

You will also need a reliable internet connection to make the most out of such devices.

This is a must if you don’t want your clock to be stuck on a reboot cycle throughout the night.

Most Google Assistant smart clocks don’t have any backup batteries that make them not so ideal if there is no power in your area because of a storm or any other reasons.

For some, however, the benefits of a Google Assistant smart clock still outweigh the drawbacks.

Things can just get better for these smart alarm clocks since the platform is starting to gain more new features on a constant basis.


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Assistant Clock

Are you in the market looking for an ideal Google Assistant clock that will suit not just your bedside table but your life as a whole?

Then, you shouldn’t look any further.

For the longest time, alarm clocks serve as faithful and trusted bedside companions that get you to wake up right on time for school, work, and many other life obligations.

With the introduction of voice assistants, the good old timepieces saw a major and breakthrough upgrade.

Google Assistant Clock : Best Available Options

Google Smart Alarm Clock

Similar to your traditional alarm clock, a smart clock comes with a big and bold display that will tell you the time and so much more.

What makes them different from a conventional alarm clock is the built-in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

This allows you to customize your alarms using your voice or you can also use your Assistant clock to control the devices in your smart home, read the daily news, help with your tasks for the day, or even call an Uber.

without a proper alarm clock, your day would never get started. However, if you’re as heavy as a sleeper as I am, it is normal to expect more from your alarm clock.


We’ve gone hands-on with the latest digital bedside assistants to find the best smart alarm clocks for getting your sleep patterns back to normal. Read on below to find out how these Wi-Fi connected clocks can transform your sleeping habits and improve your mood.

A list of  Google Assitant Clocks :

If you are having a hard time finding the right Assistant clock for you, here are a few options you can include in your list:

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display
Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display is the very first Google Assistant clock that comes with a screen.

It is a device that looks unique with a size of 8 or 10 inches. This can stand horizontally or vertically.

The screen is also perfect if you love to watch YouTube videos and movies, look up new recipes, make video calls, and so much more.

If not in active use, Lenovo Smart Display can also serve as your digital photo frame that displays pictures in your library in Google Photos.

You can cover its camera with the shutter switch with no need for a tape while the dual speakers offer excellent audio.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock is one of the popular options for Google Assistant clock with a touchscreen feature.

With its 4-inch display, this is a great device that will be right at home on your nightstand or bedside table.

Feel free to choose from several clock faces in different styles and colors.

Google will dim the display of the clock at night and play ambient noises that will induce the utmost relaxation.

There is also a decent audio that is so much better compared to what you can expect from your good old alarm clock.

Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock

Solis SO-2000

Image OF the SO-2000 Form Solis

Solis SO-2000 from Spectra is a cute Google Assistant clock with a unique design that looks like half of a basketball right on a stand.

You might be surprised that this is light in spite of its size an comes with several physical buttons for Google Assistant activation, pause and play music, adjust brightness and volume, mute the microphone, and toggle Bluetooth.

There are two speakers on the front of the circular face with 5 watts that deliver much better audio compared to what you can expect from Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini although these are not as crisp as those offered by Echo Show and Google Home Mini.

Chromecast is also enabled that allows you to stream music straight from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet when you are awake.


To read more about google interaction on alarm Clock, have a look at here. 

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Assistant Smart Clock

Choose the Right Google Assistant Smart Clock That Will be Right at Home on Your Bedside Table

Google Assistant Clock

A Google Assistant smart clock is something that you can benefit from if you need a device to help you wake up feeling great and rejuvenated. You can now choose from several Google Assistant smart clocks, and two of these include the following.


Lenovo Assistant Smart Clock

If you need a cute and compact Assistant smart clock, the Lenovo Smart Clock is something you might want to consider. This has been designed to function solely as your bedside clock. It has a display of 4 inches ensconced in a speaker coated in fabric. It doesn’t have a camera but offers good sound quality. Its speaker is 1.5 inches with 3W output. It can do its job well but don’t expect to play any music through this Google Assistant smart clock, though.

assistant smart clock lenovo
Assistant Smart Clock by Lenovo

“The 21st century version of a bedroom alarm clock.” – TechRadar January 9, 2019

Its ambient light sensor works well at dimming its screen in a darkened room and ensuring that it won’t distract you during your sleep. This is also running on the similar Android Things platform just like the rest of third-party Google Assistant speakers, although it is further stripped down. It doesn’t have Home View and master control panel for your smart home as found on the rest of smart displays from Google. It means that voice is the main method of interaction here.

Assistant Smart Clock

You cannot find photos here as well, but with its small screen, not a lot of people will surely pay attention to that. You can also choose from several clock faces. It has built-in USB to help you juice up your smartphone overnight, allowing you to ditch your bedside charger. This Google Assistant smart clock from Lenovo does what it aims to do. It means that this can work as your smart clock meant to sit on the bedside table.

Nest Hub Assistant Smart Clock

At the moment, Google only has a single, smart display that it can call its own, with other displays made by third parties. However, a bigger version is coming up, the Nest Hub Max. Max will surely be popular, and it is likely to relegate its standard unit to more nightstands.

And it is fine with many people since the Nest Hub, previously called Google Home Hub, is an excellent Google Assistant smart clock. The size is one reason behind it. It stands at the height of 4.5 inches and width of 7 inches and looks as if someone stuck the table above the speaker. However, it looks great and is also equipped with several features that make this ideal for your bedside table.

The adaptive display is one of these features. The ambient screen technology of Google means that the Nest Hub can adjust the brightness depending on the room. If you turn off the lights, this will dim down to the point that you can still see the time without being distracting. It also makes it ideal if you want to use it to display pictures that will make them look as if they are real photos, so to speak.

As you can tell, there are a ton of great new features for all of these assistant clocks that are coming out in 2019 and beyond. One thing to ensure is that you get a package that is consistent with . It will cause much more of a hassle to try to keep disparate types of gadgets operating in harmony. Just stick to one brand throughout your house and you’ll be able to debug issues and get items fixed and replaced with great ease.

The Google Assistant smart clock you choose will depend on your specific needs and of course, your budget.

Alexa Clocks Amazon Clocks Assistant Clocks

Amazon Smart Clock

Amazon has announced its Amazon Smart Clock not too long ago. The Amazon Echo Show 5, based on its name, features a display of 5.5 inches.

This is a smaller version of the earlier Echo Show, making it the possible answer to Lenovo Smart Clock the company developed with Google.

The Amazon Smart Clock comes with a built-in camera that the company claims to be HD or high definition.

Amazon Smart Clock – Is it a Strong Rival to Lenovo Smart Clock?

Amazon Smart Clock

The camera shutter is also built-in, and this will physically cover its camera just like how it is done by Lenovo Smart Displays.

This way, users can feel more comfortable to put it in other parts of the house although it is likely that their bedroom will be off-limits.

Amazon also made sure that they don’t compromise on the sound quality of their smart clock.

It still offers some pretty stellar sound quality, something that might surprise you if you consider its small size.

This makes the Amazon Smart Clock still thick, so to speak.

The company also touts that they have several available services for music streaming for Alexa such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and so much more.

Amazon Smart Clock: Facts

Since this still comes with a display, you can also watch all of your favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video and get short clips of news from your preferred news sources straight on your Amazon smart clock.

Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock

Google services are not working at the moment, but there is a chance that this will change soon because Google and Amazon have sort of made up already.

Google has also started to bring its apps to Fire TV, yet Amazon’s smart clock remains a wild card for now.

Tom Taylor, Amazon Alexa’s Senior Vice President, stated that ever since they launched their first smart clock device, customers informed them that they love to ask Alexa to show things to them.

Whether it is the lyrics for their favorite song, their grocery list, or a recipe for pancakes.

With the new Amazon smart clock, the company has made it easier and more affordable for their customers to add the smart display to all rooms around the house.

He also touted the device’s compact form and stated that this is the perfect choice for your desk or bedside table.

This is a toughie. Though very closely related in their aims, the Amazon Echo Show 5 and Lenovo Smart Clock will prove noticeably different devices to live with.


Were this a question of which device to have in any and every room of your home, we’d go for the Amazon Echo Show 5 every time. It’s just a more feature-complete device, offering more possible uses for the user.


However, when it comes to the calm and private nature of a bedroom, the laid-back, stripped-back nature of the Lenovo Smart Clock becomes very appealing.

-Gerald Lynch, TechRadar

Display Quality and to think about it.

Similar to other devices Amazon has launched in the past, the newest smart clock is also an ideal choice if you want to control your smart home.

Feel free to ask Alexa to switch off the lights in your room, and this action will be shown right on display.


If your home has security cameras whether inside or outside, you can choose to bring up a live feed from your cameras straight on the Amazon Smart Clock.

Then you can make it more convenient for you instead of having to open the app on your smartphone.

Having Alexa on display offers endless possibilities. With more Alexa Skills that get added on a daily basis, you can expect that the Amazon Smart Clock will have more exciting functionalities in the near future.

With this piece, we hope you can make out a clear differentiation between the Amazon Smart Clocks to ita competitors.

To know more cool stuff about the Amazon Smart Clock just press here.

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Lenovo Alarm Clock

If you are like any other ordinary person, chances are you are currently using your smartphone as your alarm that wakes you up every morning.

The lenovo alarm clock sets to make that process more efficient.

It is not surprising that about 70% of children check phones after they lay down.

61% of parents tend to check their phones within 30 minutes after they fall asleep at night.

Lenovo Alarm Clock – The Best Alternative to Your Phone’s Alarm Clock

Lenovo alarm clock

Your smartphone impacts your sleep in many ways than what you probably know and realize.

These devices not only have the potential of buzzing or beeping during the night.

Researchers have also revealed that your phone screen emits a blue light that is linked to suppressing melatonin production.

Melatonin is the hormone that is in charge of controlling your circadian rhythm.

The lenovo smart alarm clock

If there is lesser melatonin production, it will make it much harder for you to fall asleep.

Your mobile devices also have the possibility of causing emotional stimulation that might make you stay awake for a longer time.

What is worse is that you might encounter intimacy problems with your spouse or partner because of them.

Like the Lenovo Smart Display, the Lenovo Smart Clock runs on Android Things with support for all the core Google Assistant functionality.


That means you can check the weather, show calendar events, see info on your commute, control music playback, and more all through your voice or on the touchscreen through a slide-based UI unique to the Smart Clock.

Olive Cragg, Android Authority

This is why smart alarm clocks like Lenovo Alarm Clock are a better option.

What is the Lenovo Alarm Clock?

The Lenovo Alarm Clock is a tiny smart display that was announced not too long ago.

What makes this device different from the rest is the way that it focuses on the alarm clock features.

It has a touchscreen display of 4 inches.

This is not high resolution, but it has the tendency to get extremely dark the moment you go to sleep.

Google also made sure that they add more functionality to the alarm clock feature set of Google Assistant.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is definitely going to feel at home right on your bedside table or nightstand.

 Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock sitting.

For starters, the Lenovo Alarm Clock has similar features just like other types of smart displays.

However, because of the small display, it means that you won’t be able to cast video.

This still offers all the forms of music streaming you like.

Google Assistant can also recommend the best time for setting your alarm depending on the events in the calendar and your alarm history.

There is also a Sunrise Alarm feature that gradually lights up the display for more than 30 minutes so that you can wake up in the most natural way possible.

One of the important aspects of all alarm clocks is, of course, the snooze feature.

In the Lenovo Alarm Clock, all you need to do is tap on the upper portion of the clock or just say “Stop” with no need to say “Hey Google” command just so the alarm will be turned off.


While your smartphone offers a lot of exciting benefits and features, there are some things that it can never do so well, and one of these is making sure that you wake up properly.

Good thing that with the Lenovo Alarm Clock, there will be no more reasons for you to lose sleep or jolt up from an awesome dream.

get to know more about the exciting features that the Lenovo Alarm Clock has to offer.

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Assistant Clocks

Smart Clocks

Do you feel like you can use a better and more reliable alarm clock? Good news!

The market is now filled with smart clocks that have amazing features to help you sleep better and will perfectly fit in your smart home.

Smart Clock


Smart Clocks – Your Mornings Will Never Be the Same Again

Smart locks are devices that can improve waking up the routine every day with the use of different smart features.

Some of these smart alarm clocks provide soothing lights for better sleep.

There are also smart clocks gently wakes you up.

With the help of smart alarm clocks,  you can be personalized how you want to wake up suitable for your unique personal needs.

A smart alarm clock has features that can improve your wake-up routine. This bedside upgrade can help you get up on the right side of the bed every morning.


Each intelligent alarm clock is different, so some will help you fall asleep while others track and promote better sleep cycles. Some even use lighting technology to help gently wake you up.

Andrea Cannon, WiseBread

The use of a smart clock will help boost your sleep quality so you will wake up feeling rested and more than prepared to face the new day in front of you.

But, with the different options available, it can become a bit confusing the best smart clocks with the best features that will work for you.

In this short guide, you will get a quick walkthrough about smart clocks and how you can find the right choice.

How to Choose the Best Smart Clocks

Smart clocks
Smart clocks

Before you go shopping for smart clocks, always spend some time to examine your habits in sleeping.

It can help you determine the best smart clock that can cater to your specific needs.

Being familiar with your own sleeping habits will also let you recognize the most important features you expect from your smart clock.

For example, if you have some trouble in falling asleep every night, you might want to look for a smart clock that will answer this need.

There are clocks that emit a dim and soothing light so you can sleep faster.

There are also clocks that play calming and soft music for you as you try to fall into a deep slumber.

Don’t you like to wake up every morning with the blaring sound of your alarm clock?

There are some options that offer different solutions.

For instance, there are clocks that vibrate or use light to wake you up instead of creating a loud sound.

There are also clocks that will gently wake you up with the customizable volume and music controls.

Perks of Using Smart Clocks

Smart clock
Sony Smart Clock
  • They are reliable.

There are people who choose not to invest in a smart clock and would rather use their smartphone, tablet, or other kinds of the alarm clock.

But, depending on such devices as the sole means to wake up can easily backfire if the device isn’t charged or fails all of a sudden.

Therefore, it is best for you to own a device designed to perform one purpose, and that is acting as your alarm clock.

  • They can help you in adjusting your sleeping schedule as you see fit.

There are smart clocks with the ability to change your sleeping schedule so you can be more productive during the day.

These smart clocks can also help you form a new routine for sleeping if you like.

It can wake you up several minutes earlier on a daily basis.

This way, your body will soon get used to getting out of bed earlier and will feel more energized during the day.

That’s all you need to know about Smart clocks, if you wanna go further for a smart clock review. 

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Smart Alarm Clock

Have you always wanted to wake up in a better and happier way?

A Smart alarm clock makes today just the perfect time for you to ditch your long-time bedside companion.

Opt for a newer and more capable device in a brand new form.

Waking Up Happier is Easy with a Smart Alarm Clock

smart alarm clocks
Not really a smart alarm clock

What do you usually get from your alarm clock?

Are you counting on your smartphone to blare, beep, and chime when it is time for you to leave your bed?

Or maybe you don’t use an alarm clock at all.

How would it feel like if your dreams were a bit sweeter courtesy of a device that wakes you up properly and ensures that your day starts on a good note?

This is exactly what a smart alarm clock can do for you.

What are Smart Alarm Clocks?

Smart alarm clocks are types of alarm clocks designed with no less than 1 smart feature.

NOTE: Check Out This Selection of the Best Smart Alarm Clocks.

Alarm clocks can be smart in several different ways.

For instance, a smart alarm clock connects to any smarthome . The device can be set up in such a way that something else takes place every time the alarm goes off.

For instance, your lights may turn on once the alarm rings, or maybe the coffee maker turns on through a smart switch in your kitchen.

One more popular way that sets smart alarm clocks apart is they are smart-assistant operated.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are the primary options here.

Such devices are almost similar to Google Nest or Amazon Echo, but the primary difference is that they look to resemble that of a clock and not a smart assistant speaker hub.

It is also possible to find a smart alarm clock that comes with some non-traditional features.

For example, a sunrise alarm clock wakes you up with the soft light glow meant to resemble the rising sun and get brighter little by little.

A vibration alarm feature is likewise smart.

This is perfect for those who wouldn’t want their bedmate to wake up once their alarm goes off. It also works for deaf people and those who have hearing issues.

Pointers to Remember When Looking for a Smart Alarm Clock

There are several important questions you must ask yourself first when you go shopping for your first smart alarm clock.

For starters, do you need a device with a single purpose? There are people who prefer a dedicated alarm clock that doesn’t do anything else.

Others expect more uses from their alarm clock that can double as a portable lamp or smart speaker.

If you are looking for other devices in the market, you might check if they come with an alarm clock functionality to help you save yourself from additional purchase.

However, it is best to stay away from double duty devices with built-in microphones and camera. Be extra wary of the things you place and use in your bedroom.

Would you like a device that connects to the existing setup in your smart home? In case your smart home is running on Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, look for a smart alarm clock that connects to it.

What Benefits Can You Get from a Smart Alarm Clock?

Every time you think of cool gadgets and new technology, chances are alarm clocks are not among the first things you think of.

Today, however, the technology of smart alarm clock has substantially evolved.

It has become large to the extent that it now has major impacts on people’s lives, or this may at least do so once people start adapting to this technology.

If you have plans to swap your old alarm clock with a newer technology, make sure you get a smart alarm clock and enjoy the following benefits:

Enjoy Right Timing Every Time

Timing is the key factor to wake up properly.

When you sleep, it is not like you are awake and fall asleep right away. Instead, your body undergoes a certain sleep cycle that passes through several stages.

The initial stage is not even when you fall asleep.

This is when you are put in a lower consciousness state where you daydream.

Light sleep is the next stage with deep sleep right behind it and finally, REM sleep where your body repairs itself and you dream.

The complete sleep cycle of light to deep then REM, not including the stage of daydreaming before you really fall sleep, is completed within 90 minutes and repeats itself several times.

Considering this information, your traditional alarm clock can go off at the specific time that you set.

It means that you will be wakened up no matter what point in the sleep cycle you are in.

A smart alarm clock, on the other hand, is meant to get that perfect timing. It wakes you up at that moment in your sleep cycle that you feel most refreshed and alert.

Take Advantage of Advanced Smart Clock Technology

One more exciting benefit to using a smart alarm clock is that it uses advanced technology to guarantee accuracy with the timing.

A smart alarm clock specifically uses things like motion and sound tracking technology to make sure that all stages of your sleep are monitored in a precise and accurate manner. Your smart alarm clock will wake you up at the phase of light sleep instead of REM or deep sleep stage.

Smart Quality Sleep is Now Possible

The next notable advantage of a smart alarm clock is that it gives you the chance to enjoy a higher quality of sleep each and every night.

You will feel less tired and groggy every time you wake up the next morning. The alarm won’t cause any disruptions during the stage of REM or deep sleep.

Aside from this, a traditional alarm clock tends to use LED lights that can suppress the production of melatonin.

It is never something you have to worry about if you use a smart alarm clock, and this can further improve your sleep quality all in all.

Lastly, when you use a smart alarm clock, you can just turn off your smartphone the whole night, and you don’t need to be disturbed about alerts or buzzing sound coming from it.

A smart alarm clock proves its value, and you can expect that the benefits you can get from it give you more than your money’s worth.

What is the Best Smart Alarm Clock

Probably the Lenovo Alarm Smart Clock with Google Assistant


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Assistant Clocks

Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock

Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock – It Doesn’t Take Much to Wake Up Energized

The Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock that comes with Google Assistant lives up to its promises of making sure that you wake up feeling energized and better than the night before.

Lenovo Smart Clock

The fierce battle for smart displays is now underway, and at the moment, Lenovo’s offering is the most competitively priced choice in this category. Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock has a 4-inch screen displaying one out of four options for the clock face.

Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant does more than just tell you the time and wake you up. Designed to reduce smartphone screen-time at night, it can help you unwind and sleep better. It can also run your smart home, play your favorite music across your home, manage your schedule, and much more. All hands-free, quickly, and easily. Just say “Ok Google” to get started.

Lenovo India

But this screen won’t let you stream videos, allow video chats, or display your Google Photos. Technically, despite being one of the smart displays in the market, it is still lacking when it comes to core features of interactive voice screens in the market. However, it managed to optimize the alarm clock use case.

What It Means to Use a Smart Alarm Clock

How can you tell if an alarm clock is smart? For starters, it should be addressable by voice and featured with assistant capabilities. Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock features Google Assistant, and this can also give you access to the first-party Google Actions. You can conduct searches, calculate navigation time, and check the weather.

The lenovo smart alarm clock

This also has access to the second party services like YouTube Music and Google Calendar that have both been made by Google but is not included in the native Assistant service and software track. For instance, if there is an entry in your Google Calendar for a specific day, the details will be shown on the screen. The device can also be used to access other third-party Google Actions like Spotify, Magic 8-ball, NPR, and Voicebot Podcast.

Aside from these, Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock also got a persistent clock face that shows the time together with a well-thought-out alarm functionality. You only need to use your voice to set the alarm or you can also swipe the screen and enter the time manually by touch.

So How do you use one?

The features are all easy to use, and tests revealed that they worked reliably. But, the functionality of the Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock really stands out the moment the alarm goes off. The initial sound of the alarm is at low-level volume to ensure that you don’t jolt up from your sleep all of a sudden. A sequence of alarm sounds will follow it that becomes louder as it progresses.

Lenovo alarm clock sitting
Lenovo Smart alarm clock

If you wish to snooze your alarm, all you have to do is tap the device lightly on the top of Google Assistant can do it on your behalf. The usual duration for a snooze is 10 minutes. If you want to ask Google Assistant to perform the snooze request, it is also possible to change the duration of the snooze such as requesting for 10 or 25 minutes. The ability to tap on top of Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock is a truly nice feature in terms of design. You can just tap anywhere in that area, and it will register right away.

Say goodbye to those annoying sounds of your alarm that end up disturbing your sleep. The Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock will solve your problem in no time!.

With the integration of  Google, Lenovo has showcased a very hyperbolizing series of smart clocks. You can read more about Lenovo Smart Clocks by clicking here.

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Assistant Clocks Smart Clocks

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo has recently introduced its latest Lenovo Smart Clock. 

This clock gets its smarts from its pairing with Google Assistant that perfectly combines the convenience of an alarm system and clock.

Additionally, you get numerous perks you can expect from a smart speaker.

Lenovo Smart Clock – A Clock of Convenience with the Perks of a Smart Speaker

Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant lets you wake up feeling more rested. As the screen brightness gently increases, you can ease yourself into the day.


Set up a Good Morning Routine to bring you the local traffic, news, weather, and sports automatically. And if you need more rest, simply tap the device to snooze or dismiss the alarm.

Specifications of Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Alarm Cloc

The new Lenovo Smart Clock is a bit small with a display of 4 inches, but you can still expect this to be the perfect size you can have at your bedside table.

This smart clock has a touch screen and voice control. This also comes with a USB port you can find at the back of the device.

With this port, you can easily charge your phone overnight or anytime you need to.

According to the company, they decided to come up with this smart clock as their way to reduce disturbing screen time during bedtime in order to help promote better sleep every night.

Lenovo alarm clock sitting
Lenovo Smart alarm clock

You can also set up several sleep routines such as dimming your room’s lights.

All you have to do is say, “Hey Google, goodnight.”

It will also show you the first event in your calendar the moment you wake up in the morning.

There are two passive radiators and a 6W speaker under the hood that will fill up your room to let you relax as you listen to the radio and your favorite music.

You can also kick start your day listening to your favorite radio station or music.

The Lenovo Smart Clock speaker also comes in handy if you wish to fall into slumber with guided sleep meditation, ambient noises, or relaxing music.

Since this also works as your smart speaker, you can also enjoy playing podcasts and audiobooks as much as you want.

This Lenovo Smart Clock also works great with Chromecast.

This allows you to stream your favorite music and shows straight on your TV and again, all you need to do is ask for it.

Wake Up in Style with Lenovo Smart Clock

Waking up with Lenovo Smart Clock doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive as there are lots of ways to do it.

For instance, you can choose to have a gentler routine for waking up.

You can include setting your room’s lights to brighten gradually. You can also set your music or alarm to progressively increase the volume level within 30 minutes before the wake time you chose.

assistant smart clock lenovo
Assistant Smart Clock by Lenovo

This type of wake up method also triggers a morning routine that will inform you of the current weather.

Add this together with your calendar events and reminders.

This also lets you know about the condition of traffic in your area that can help you with your morning commute.

Also, don’t forget that Lenovo Smart Clock serves as a hub that controls the connected and smart devices in your home, including the heater or coffee maker.

On top of it all, the device also allows you to check your security cameras’ feed or check on your baby with no need to leave your bed in the middle of the night.

Lenovo Smart Clock connects to over 10,000 smart products and devices from 1,000 partner brands.

Such Great connection is all due its integration with google assitant. This power up implents more devices to connect with the Smart Clock. 

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