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As smart displays like the Alexa smart clock continue to take the whole world by storm, companies have come to realize that your nightstand is a prime real estate.

This is why you now get to see more devices that shrunk in size and took a spot on your bedside table.

That is where the Alex Smart Clock, a premium product from the house of Amazon comes to help you out.

Alexa Smart Clock: An Amazon Echo Show 5  Review

Alexa Echo Spot by topnereview

And to be honest, many people love the trend mainly because it is one more good reason for them to ditch their smartphone that is already dominating so many areas of their lives.

Aside from this, the presence of a smart assistant like an Alexa smart clock on your bedside offers a plethora of exciting benefits.

The Show 5 does maintain the Spot’s small footprint, and it’s easy to find room for it on a nightstand, desk, shelf, or mantle.

It doesn’t really take up much more space than a traditional alarm clock, and it’s far more practical to use in more places than the full-size Echo Show.

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If you want a good Alexa smart clock to help you out, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is something you can consider.

Alexa Smart Clock:

What is the Echo Show 5?

This newest addition to the Echo family of Amazon is a notably small device that makes it perfect on your bedside table.

You have probably seen the bigger Echo Show measuring 10 inches but Echo Show 5 will leave you surprised by its smaller size.

However, don’t be fooled by the Alexa Smart Clock, because inside this tiny package is a lot of things on offer, including the built-in camera, the surprisingly good 4W speaker, as well as a 3.5mm jack.

Alexa Smart Clock

Before the built-in camera for the Alexa Smart Clock may cause you to worry.

There is a physical shutter that can slide across its lens and kill off the power to guarantee complete video privacy.

This is a must if you will use it as your bedside clock and since it was included, it implies that Amazon also expects people to do exactly just that.

This Alexa Smart Clock has a vibrant display that can adjust to the surroundings as it dims once the lights have gone off.

This is yet again another important requirement in any bedside companion.

There are also built-in microphones as expected to summon Alexa.

You can use this to turn off the lights in the house, set your morning alarm, or even read you an audiobook before bedtime.

This is near enough your bed so that it can easily hear your mumbles when you are still half-awake to state the weather forecast or play the morning news.

Pros and Cons of Echo Show 5  Smart Clock


The  Alexa Smart Clock or the Echo Show 5 Smart Clock can be your favourite speaker under the Echo show lineup to date.

It has a diminutive size that is nice to have inside your house instead of the full-size and bigger Show.

With the newest control panels, it means that you can use Alexa in more ways than one.

However, just like any other smart clocks or devices for that matter, this is not a one size fit all option. Its speaker can be a bit lacking if your room is bigger.

Zigbee is not included as well, and Alexa may have some difficulties in hearing.

However, it is the perfect balance of better privacy, top control, and discreet integration that makes this Alexa smart clock highly recommended for most smart homes.

The Good thing about the Echo Five are listed below

  • On-screen controls
  • Discreet and small
  • Sound is better than Echo Spot
  • The Not So Good
  • Too tiny for entertainment
  • No Zigbee
  • Sparse visual skills

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Alexa Clocks

Alexa Alarm Clock

Do you find it hard to leave your bed every morning?

This is no doubt, one of the biggest common battles for most people.

More often than not, you just rely on the alarm on your smartphone or now the Alexa alarm clock.

Unfortunately, the sudden blaring of their loudspeakers can jolt you up from your slumber, and this can ruin your whole day.

Thereby Introduction for Alexa Alarm clock really comes in handy.

Alexa Alarm Clock – What Options are Available?

With the help of Alexa, your Amazon Echo can do all sorts of quirky things like tell jokes or provide trivia questions. When you want it to handle a more standard need — namely, the ability to wake you up — there are numerous ways to go about setting up your device.

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But the good news is that there are a lot of trusty options available out there ideal for people like you who are sick and tired of your old alarm’s disturbing sound.

An Alexa alarm clock is something that will surely help you kick start your day and make you wake up on the right side of the bed.

Two choices for the Alexa alarm clock that you can find in the market are the Vobot smart clock and iHome.

Vobot Alexa Alarm Clock

Vobot is an Alexa alarm clock that works on artificial intelligence AI to take your lifestyle to a whole new level.

If you usually struggle to sleep, this alarm clock will assist you in falling asleep with fine tunes guaranteed to relax your mind.

Echo 5 Alexa Alarm Clock
Alexa Alarm CLock

Vobot Alexa smart clock has an LED dot-matrix display that makes things crystal clear even in just one glance.

The display can also be customized through multiple options like dates and world clock.

This is also a great choice if you are a big fan of music. Its built-in speaker will envelop your room with soothing sound during the music playback.

You can also stream media from iHeartRadio, Amazon, and others. You can also upload personal music to the music library.

Not a lot of smart alarms will let you set recurring alarms. However, with Vobot, it is possible to set a reminder and an alarm using voice command.

Its snooze is also easy to trigger so you can activate mute or snooze according to your preference.

This way, you can continue taking a short nap and go back to dreamland.

iHome Alexa Alarm Clock

iHome Alexa alarm clock is among the best alarm clocks you can get today.

iHome bedside speaker system perfectly combines the built-in features of Alexa for optimum performance.

This is a well-designed unit, and you can easily configure it to play all of your favorite songs in just one press.

It also takes a single press to control how you play the music.

iHome Alexa Alarm clock
iHome Alexa Alarm clock

If you find it challenging to read small text, you don’t have to worry about it in iHome as it features a big digital display.

It lets you see your alarm time as well as the outside temperature in one glance.

The iHome Alexa alarm clock also comes with an integrated light bar offering accent lighting below the cabinet for soothing sleep and a better mood when you wake up.


With the built-in Alexa voice, you can use your voice to control all of the smart devices in your home no matter where you are in the room.

Since the built-in speaker is also directly connected via Bluetooth, it lets you easily stream the music you love.
Which Alexa alarm clock suits you better?

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Amazon Smart Clock

Amazon has announced its Amazon Smart Clock not too long ago. The Amazon Echo Show 5, based on its name, features a display of 5.5 inches.

This is a smaller version of the earlier Echo Show, making it the possible answer to Lenovo Smart Clock the company developed with Google.

The Amazon Smart Clock comes with a built-in camera that the company claims to be HD or high definition.

Amazon Smart Clock – Is it a Strong Rival to Lenovo Smart Clock?

Amazon Smart Clock

The camera shutter is also built-in, and this will physically cover its camera just like how it is done by Lenovo Smart Displays.

This way, users can feel more comfortable to put it in other parts of the house although it is likely that their bedroom will be off-limits.

Amazon also made sure that they don’t compromise on the sound quality of their smart clock.

It still offers some pretty stellar sound quality, something that might surprise you if you consider its small size.

This makes the Amazon Smart Clock still thick, so to speak.

The company also touts that they have several available services for music streaming for Alexa such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and so much more.

Amazon Smart Clock: Facts

Since this still comes with a display, you can also watch all of your favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video and get short clips of news from your preferred news sources straight on your Amazon smart clock.

Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock

Google services are not working at the moment, but there is a chance that this will change soon because Google and Amazon have sort of made up already.

Google has also started to bring its apps to Fire TV, yet Amazon’s smart clock remains a wild card for now.

Tom Taylor, Amazon Alexa’s Senior Vice President, stated that ever since they launched their first smart clock device, customers informed them that they love to ask Alexa to show things to them.

Whether it is the lyrics for their favorite song, their grocery list, or a recipe for pancakes.

With the new Amazon smart clock, the company has made it easier and more affordable for their customers to add the smart display to all rooms around the house.

He also touted the device’s compact form and stated that this is the perfect choice for your desk or bedside table.

This is a toughie. Though very closely related in their aims, the Amazon Echo Show 5 and Lenovo Smart Clock will prove noticeably different devices to live with.


Were this a question of which device to have in any and every room of your home, we’d go for the Amazon Echo Show 5 every time. It’s just a more feature-complete device, offering more possible uses for the user.


However, when it comes to the calm and private nature of a bedroom, the laid-back, stripped-back nature of the Lenovo Smart Clock becomes very appealing.

-Gerald Lynch, TechRadar

Display Quality and to think about it.

Similar to other devices Amazon has launched in the past, the newest smart clock is also an ideal choice if you want to control your smart home.

Feel free to ask Alexa to switch off the lights in your room, and this action will be shown right on display.


If your home has security cameras whether inside or outside, you can choose to bring up a live feed from your cameras straight on the Amazon Smart Clock.

Then you can make it more convenient for you instead of having to open the app on your smartphone.

Having Alexa on display offers endless possibilities. With more Alexa Skills that get added on a daily basis, you can expect that the Amazon Smart Clock will have more exciting functionalities in the near future.

With this piece, we hope you can make out a clear differentiation between the Amazon Smart Clocks to ita competitors.

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