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Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Smart Clocks

Physical Alarm Clock

Physical Alarm Clock

Smart Clocks

Cortana Smart Clock – 5 Amazing Features

Cortana is among the most visible latest features of Windows 10.

The virtual assistant of Microsoft makes a big leap from your Windows Phone to your desktop with the Cortana smart clock functionality.

The good news is that there are so many things you could do with it. It is not just your ordinary voice assistant, as you can even type your questions and commands.

And of course, Cortana Smart Clock is something you can take advantage of.

Cortana Smart Clock:  Cool Stuff that You Can Do with Windows 10 Cortana

Cortana Smart Clock Speaker
Harman Invoke featured wit Cortana

What are the things you can do with the help of Cortana, then?

Cortana can set reminders, recognize natural voice without the requirement for keyboard input, and answer questions using information from the Bing search engine (e.g., current weather and traffic conditions, sports scores, biographies).



Set Alarms with Cortana Smart Clock

Cortana Smart Clock supports alarms. Just tell Cortana to set your alarm for a specific time, and this will then create and set the alarm on your behalf.

This amazing feature sets the tone for your alarm. As Cortana helps you in managing the perfect schedule that you have ever wanted.

The alarm will be saved in the Alarms and Clock app, and from there, you can control and manage all of your alarms.

Set Reminders for People, Places, and Times

Cortana Smart Clock comes with a powerful and efficient built-in reminder feature, although there are more things you will be able to do with such reminders aside from getting the reminder on the specific time.

To begin, just say “Remind me” and use the icon labelled Reminders.

You can then create your reminder so that Cortana will remind you of it at the set time once you arrived at a certain place or once you talk to the specific person.

It is also possible to say things such as “Remind me to buy fruits when I get to [name of store]” or “Remind me to take my medicine at 7 pm.” You can likewise set any reminder right away.

Identify Songs

Similar to Google Now, Siri, and other dedicated apps such as Shazam, you can also count on the Cortana Smart Clock to identify the song playing close to you by just listening to it.

The magic phrase is, “What is this song?” Cort

Cortana Smart clocksana will then use the microphone in order to listen to the song then match this to the specific music.

This obviously works great with recorded music, although you cannot expect this to work with any live music.

Take Advantage of Natural Language Search

Natural language search is also supported by Cortana. For instance, you may ask the Cortana Smart Clock to “find documents about doors”. Or Even “find pictures from December” to search document files that have something to do with doors or to look for photos from the months of December.

This search feature is integrated into Windows but with more capabilities for natural language.

This is also easier to use compared to older search operators.

Taking advantages of such features is always a giveaway for anybody to work with.

Perform Conversions and Calculations

Cortana Smart Clock can also help perform some quick calculations.

Take note that since you can just type into the search box of Cortana, there is no need for you to bother about saying long numbers.

You can also ask Cortana to ask math calculations such as 5674 * 8732 or enter the unit conversion such as 12493 KRW to USD.

It works not only for currencies but also for other kinds of units.

This clock is not the only feature you will love about this virtual assistant.

Cortana has more to offer to make your life easier than ever!

To learn more about such other Smart Clocks like the Google Home Smart Clock, click the link now

reference: Image featured by WindowsCentral.


Smart Clocks

Cortana Alarm Clock

Quick Guide on Setting an Alarm with Your Cortana Alarm Clock

Most people rely on their alarm clock to ensure that they wake up right on time every morning, every single day.

Although many still use the traditional physical alarm clocks, things are starting to change little by little with the rise of digital assistants like Cortana. As it introduces the Cortana Alarm Clock.

Most of us don’t have old-fashioned clock radios at home or portable alarm clocks to take with us on the road.

When you need to be woken up at a particular time, you can use your smartphone, but any Windows 10 device can also do the job.

Windows 10 has a built-in alarm clock app, which you can set up using the following steps.

Avram Piltch, LaptopMag

This is why it is no longer a big surprise that more and more users are now using Cortana Alarm Clock to make sure that they won’t be late for work, school, and other hear appointments.

Cortana Alarm Clock
Usual Alarm Clock


Cortana is the digital assistant that can tell jokes and even sing a song for you if you ask her to. She can pretty much do so many things, and all you need to do is to ask.

However, one of the common features that people frequently use Cortana is for setting their alarm. While some already know how this is done, chances are this is the first time that you hear of such a feature.


So, how do you set up and use Cortana Alarm Clock then?

To start the process of setting up an alarm in the Cortana Alarm Clock.

First, you have to press then hold on the search button found on your device that runs on Windows. Once Cortana shows up, you can then say things such as:

Cortana, Wake me up in 10 minutes.

Cortana, Wake me up at 6 A.M.


Cortana Alarm Clock
If you wish to turn off any specific alarm, all you need to do is say, “Turn off my alarm.”

After this, Cortana will then ask you about the alarm you want to turn off.

If you can remember, you can tell her the specific alarm that will be turned off. You can command “Go to my alarms.”

Once you get there, you can toggle off or on the alarms that you have set.

There is one more way for Cortana to appear. You can simply click on the live title set up in the home screen.

In case you didn’t do it in the past yet, it is about time that you pin Cortana to your home screen.

Some users have already tried to investigate further if it is possible for them to use the Cortana Alarm Clock for setting alarms for certain dates.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work. For instance, Cortana wouldn’t understand you if you say “Set an alarm for July 21st at 6 A.M.”

Commands like “Set an alarm at 5 A.M. every Wednesday” are not understood as well.

Cortana is a digital assistant feature that you can now find in Windows devices.

However, don’t expect that it will be all-knowing as this also has some limitations depending on the specific region where you live.

How much do Cortana Smart Alarm Clocks Cost?

Smart clocks are getting more prevalent every day. We see prices as low as $14.99 for so called smart alarm clocks.

However, anything in that range we would consider to be kind of cheap and crappy. Look at these Smart Alarm Clocks and consider those ranging from $29.99 and up – the builds are better and most are the primary brands and not knock-offs.


Cortana Alarm Clock
Cortana Alarm Clock

Setting the alarm for your mornings might seem easy because you have your smartphone or tablet at your disposal.

However, digital assistants like Cortana are now starting to change the game. With your Cortana Alarm Clock, it is now possible for you to set your alarms so that you can wake up right on time without running late.

This also means you’re gonna do your work right on time and without any delay or hassle. Just don’t snooze off the hard stuff.

Here, get to know about Cortana Smart Clock.

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Alexa Clocks

Alexa Smart Clock

As smart displays like the Alexa smart clock continue to take the whole world by storm, companies have come to realize that your nightstand is a prime real estate.

This is why you now get to see more devices that shrunk in size and took a spot on your bedside table.

That is where the Alex Smart Clock, a premium product from the house of Amazon comes to help you out.

Alexa Smart Clock: An Amazon Echo Show 5  Review

Alexa Echo Spot by topnereview

And to be honest, many people love the trend mainly because it is one more good reason for them to ditch their smartphone that is already dominating so many areas of their lives.

Aside from this, the presence of a smart assistant like an Alexa smart clock on your bedside offers a plethora of exciting benefits.

The Show 5 does maintain the Spot’s small footprint, and it’s easy to find room for it on a nightstand, desk, shelf, or mantle.

It doesn’t really take up much more space than a traditional alarm clock, and it’s far more practical to use in more places than the full-size Echo Show.

The Verge

If you want a good Alexa smart clock to help you out, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is something you can consider.

Alexa Smart Clock:

What is the Echo Show 5?

This newest addition to the Echo family of Amazon is a notably small device that makes it perfect on your bedside table.

You have probably seen the bigger Echo Show measuring 10 inches but Echo Show 5 will leave you surprised by its smaller size.

However, don’t be fooled by the Alexa Smart Clock, because inside this tiny package is a lot of things on offer, including the built-in camera, the surprisingly good 4W speaker, as well as a 3.5mm jack.

Alexa Smart Clock

Before the built-in camera for the Alexa Smart Clock may cause you to worry.

There is a physical shutter that can slide across its lens and kill off the power to guarantee complete video privacy.

This is a must if you will use it as your bedside clock and since it was included, it implies that Amazon also expects people to do exactly just that.

This Alexa Smart Clock has a vibrant display that can adjust to the surroundings as it dims once the lights have gone off.

This is yet again another important requirement in any bedside companion.

There are also built-in microphones as expected to summon Alexa.

You can use this to turn off the lights in the house, set your morning alarm, or even read you an audiobook before bedtime.

This is near enough your bed so that it can easily hear your mumbles when you are still half-awake to state the weather forecast or play the morning news.

Pros and Cons of Echo Show 5  Smart Clock


The  Alexa Smart Clock or the Echo Show 5 Smart Clock can be your favourite speaker under the Echo show lineup to date.

It has a diminutive size that is nice to have inside your house instead of the full-size and bigger Show.

With the newest control panels, it means that you can use Alexa in more ways than one.

However, just like any other smart clocks or devices for that matter, this is not a one size fit all option. Its speaker can be a bit lacking if your room is bigger.

Zigbee is not included as well, and Alexa may have some difficulties in hearing.

However, it is the perfect balance of better privacy, top control, and discreet integration that makes this Alexa smart clock highly recommended for most smart homes.

The Good thing about the Echo Five are listed below

  • On-screen controls
  • Discreet and small
  • Sound is better than Echo Spot
  • The Not So Good
  • Too tiny for entertainment
  • No Zigbee
  • Sparse visual skills

When you get to learn about all of these brilliant facts then why not switch over and learn about other stuff such as other cook smart clocks.

Just click on here and you are good to go.

Referance :  Feartured Image By mediaecho , Images from dailydot.



Alexa Clocks

Alexa Alarm Clock

Do you find it hard to leave your bed every morning?

This is no doubt, one of the biggest common battles for most people.

More often than not, you just rely on the alarm on your smartphone or now the Alexa alarm clock.

Unfortunately, the sudden blaring of their loudspeakers can jolt you up from your slumber, and this can ruin your whole day.

Thereby Introduction for Alexa Alarm clock really comes in handy.

Alexa Alarm Clock – What Options are Available?

With the help of Alexa, your Amazon Echo can do all sorts of quirky things like tell jokes or provide trivia questions. When you want it to handle a more standard need — namely, the ability to wake you up — there are numerous ways to go about setting up your device.

Kayla Mathews,TechnoBuffalo

Set featured image

But the good news is that there are a lot of trusty options available out there ideal for people like you who are sick and tired of your old alarm’s disturbing sound.

An Alexa alarm clock is something that will surely help you kick start your day and make you wake up on the right side of the bed.

Two choices for the Alexa alarm clock that you can find in the market are the Vobot smart clock and iHome.

Vobot Alexa Alarm Clock

Vobot is an Alexa alarm clock that works on artificial intelligence AI to take your lifestyle to a whole new level.

If you usually struggle to sleep, this alarm clock will assist you in falling asleep with fine tunes guaranteed to relax your mind.

Echo 5 Alexa Alarm Clock
Alexa Alarm CLock

Vobot Alexa smart clock has an LED dot-matrix display that makes things crystal clear even in just one glance.

The display can also be customized through multiple options like dates and world clock.

This is also a great choice if you are a big fan of music. Its built-in speaker will envelop your room with soothing sound during the music playback.

You can also stream media from iHeartRadio, Amazon, and others. You can also upload personal music to the music library.

Not a lot of smart alarms will let you set recurring alarms. However, with Vobot, it is possible to set a reminder and an alarm using voice command.

Its snooze is also easy to trigger so you can activate mute or snooze according to your preference.

This way, you can continue taking a short nap and go back to dreamland.

iHome Alexa Alarm Clock

iHome Alexa alarm clock is among the best alarm clocks you can get today.

iHome bedside speaker system perfectly combines the built-in features of Alexa for optimum performance.

This is a well-designed unit, and you can easily configure it to play all of your favorite songs in just one press.

It also takes a single press to control how you play the music.

iHome Alexa Alarm clock
iHome Alexa Alarm clock

If you find it challenging to read small text, you don’t have to worry about it in iHome as it features a big digital display.

It lets you see your alarm time as well as the outside temperature in one glance.

The iHome Alexa alarm clock also comes with an integrated light bar offering accent lighting below the cabinet for soothing sleep and a better mood when you wake up.


With the built-in Alexa voice, you can use your voice to control all of the smart devices in your home no matter where you are in the room.

Since the built-in speaker is also directly connected via Bluetooth, it lets you easily stream the music you love.
Which Alexa alarm clock suits you better?

To learn more about such amazing smart assistants like the Alexa Alarm Clock just click here.

Referenace for images : DVZN MEDIA

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Assistant Clocks

Solis Assistant Clock

Not too long ago, Google allowed other device makers to use Assistant, and this opened doors of opportunity for experiences with Google Home.

The audio experience is further improved compared to the speakers that Google itself offers.

Solis is among the many brands that hope to do it, and this is why they launched their newest Solis Assistant Clock and smart speaker.

Solis Assistant Clock: A Review – Is It Worth Your Money?



The Solis SO-2000 can set alarms, play music, answer questions, and do many things that the Google Home speaker, also powered by the Google Assistant, can do.


Users can also set reminders, search for information on the internet, control their smart home gadgets, and more, all via voice commands

Alexandra Burlacu, Androidheadlines

Solis Assistant Clock: A depth to all of its Features

The Design

Solis-Assitant-Clock Speaker
Solis Assitant SPeaker by Google 9 to 5

The Solis Assistant clock and the smart speaker have been designed to work as your bedside alarm clock.

This has a bigger size compared to other smart clocks you can find out there.

Compared to other models from Solis, some aspects of the design of the Solis Assistant clock feel a bit out of place or date.

The part of the spherical speaker resembles a flat tire in an upside-down position.

On the base, you will find the control buttons, and while useful, it makes the device look like a boom box straight from the mid-2000s instead of a contemporary smart speaker.

The Smart Features

The Solis Assistant clock seeks to become a rival of Google Home as it offers a dedicated Assistant button.

It also integrates with the ecosystem through Google Home app.

One notable thing about this model is the sensitive microphone.

It lets you talk to the Assistant even if you are a few distances away. Although there are other smartwatches, speakers and many smart Assistant in this category, nothing can beat the sensitivity of this one’s microphone.

Its too good and can hear our command voice a far away distance from wherever you are. No doubt about. Tried and Tested.

Even though the unit seems like it was purposely made to act as an alarm clock, you might find it a bit awkward to set your alarm using music.

You have to use the exact incantation to do so. Any alternative phrasing that sounds more natural might not be understood at all.

Remember though that the moment some words have been interpreted the wrong way, or Google doesn’t recognize the playlist or artist, things may go south.

These problems, however, are flaws because of Google Assistant and not Solis Assistant clock itself.

Additionally, it also doesn’t change the undeniable fact that you might find it difficult to use the device for any of its main purposes.

Image OF the SO-2000 Form Solis

This doesn’t mean that it is not an excellent clock, though. Its LED display that has adjustable brightness is wonderful and can be seen even from a good distance.

It also displays active countdown timers if there are any.

The Sound

After you set up the unit in its place, it is time for you to test the sound.

The Solis Assistant clock has the tendency to be fairly loud that it can rock an entire studio apartment without compromising on clarity.

Generally speaking, it is an ideal device if you prefer a more lean-back and casual listening experience.

The lower mid-range and the enveloping bass promises that you won’t be distracted from your conversations or tasks.

The Value

The Solis Assistant clock is one of the smart alarm clocks that you can consider to add to your bedside table.

It comes equipped with several notable and useful features that you will surely love.

This makes it a good investment that will give you value for your money.

To learn about more cool smart Assitant clocks, just point your cursor here

Referance : Solis Audio,