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Are you in the market looking for an ideal Google Assistant clock that will suit not just your bedside table but your life as a whole?

Then, you shouldn’t look any further.

For the longest time, alarm clocks serve as faithful and trusted bedside companions that get you to wake up right on time for school, work, and many other life obligations.

With the introduction of voice assistants, the good old timepieces saw a major and breakthrough upgrade.

Google Assistant Clock : Best Available Options

Google Smart Alarm Clock

Similar to your traditional alarm clock, a smart clock comes with a big and bold display that will tell you the time and so much more.

What makes them different from a conventional alarm clock is the built-in Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

This allows you to customize your alarms using your voice or you can also use your Assistant clock to control the devices in your smart home, read the daily news, help with your tasks for the day, or even call an Uber.

without a proper alarm clock, your day would never get started. However, if you’re as heavy as a sleeper as I am, it is normal to expect more from your alarm clock.


We’ve gone hands-on with the latest digital bedside assistants to find the best smart alarm clocks for getting your sleep patterns back to normal. Read on below to find out how these Wi-Fi connected clocks can transform your sleeping habits and improve your mood.

A list of  Google Assitant Clocks :

If you are having a hard time finding the right Assistant clock for you, here are a few options you can include in your list:

Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display
Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Display is the very first Google Assistant clock that comes with a screen.

It is a device that looks unique with a size of 8 or 10 inches. This can stand horizontally or vertically.

The screen is also perfect if you love to watch YouTube videos and movies, look up new recipes, make video calls, and so much more.

If not in active use, Lenovo Smart Display can also serve as your digital photo frame that displays pictures in your library in Google Photos.

You can cover its camera with the shutter switch with no need for a tape while the dual speakers offer excellent audio.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Lenovo Smart Clock is one of the popular options for Google Assistant clock with a touchscreen feature.

With its 4-inch display, this is a great device that will be right at home on your nightstand or bedside table.

Feel free to choose from several clock faces in different styles and colors.

Google will dim the display of the clock at night and play ambient noises that will induce the utmost relaxation.

There is also a decent audio that is so much better compared to what you can expect from your good old alarm clock.

Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock

Solis SO-2000

Image OF the SO-2000 Form Solis

Solis SO-2000 from Spectra is a cute Google Assistant clock with a unique design that looks like half of a basketball right on a stand.

You might be surprised that this is light in spite of its size an comes with several physical buttons for Google Assistant activation, pause and play music, adjust brightness and volume, mute the microphone, and toggle Bluetooth.

There are two speakers on the front of the circular face with 5 watts that deliver much better audio compared to what you can expect from Google Home Hub and Google Home Mini although these are not as crisp as those offered by Echo Show and Google Home Mini.

Chromecast is also enabled that allows you to stream music straight from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet when you are awake.


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