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Amazon Smart Clock

Amazon has announced its Amazon Smart Clock not too long ago. The Amazon Echo Show 5, based on its name, features a display of 5.5 inches.

This is a smaller version of the earlier Echo Show, making it the possible answer to Lenovo Smart Clock the company developed with Google.

The Amazon Smart Clock comes with a built-in camera that the company claims to be HD or high definition.

Amazon Smart Clock – Is it a Strong Rival to Lenovo Smart Clock?

Amazon Smart Clock

The camera shutter is also built-in, and this will physically cover its camera just like how it is done by Lenovo Smart Displays.

This way, users can feel more comfortable to put it in other parts of the house although it is likely that their bedroom will be off-limits.

Amazon also made sure that they don’t compromise on the sound quality of their smart clock.

It still offers some pretty stellar sound quality, something that might surprise you if you consider its small size.

This makes the Amazon Smart Clock still thick, so to speak.

The company also touts that they have several available services for music streaming for Alexa such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and so much more.

Amazon Smart Clock: Facts

Since this still comes with a display, you can also watch all of your favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video and get short clips of news from your preferred news sources straight on your Amazon smart clock.

Lenovo alarm clock
Lenovo alarm clock

Google services are not working at the moment, but there is a chance that this will change soon because Google and Amazon have sort of made up already.

Google has also started to bring its apps to Fire TV, yet Amazon’s smart clock remains a wild card for now.

Tom Taylor, Amazon Alexa’s Senior Vice President, stated that ever since they launched their first smart clock device, customers informed them that they love to ask Alexa to show things to them.

Whether it is the lyrics for their favorite song, their grocery list, or a recipe for pancakes.

With the new Amazon smart clock, the company has made it easier and more affordable for their customers to add the smart display to all rooms around the house.

He also touted the device’s compact form and stated that this is the perfect choice for your desk or bedside table.

This is a toughie. Though very closely related in their aims, the Amazon Echo Show 5 and Lenovo Smart Clock will prove noticeably different devices to live with.


Were this a question of which device to have in any and every room of your home, we’d go for the Amazon Echo Show 5 every time. It’s just a more feature-complete device, offering more possible uses for the user.


However, when it comes to the calm and private nature of a bedroom, the laid-back, stripped-back nature of the Lenovo Smart Clock becomes very appealing.

-Gerald Lynch, TechRadar

Display Quality and to think about it.

Similar to other devices Amazon has launched in the past, the newest smart clock is also an ideal choice if you want to control your smart home.

Feel free to ask Alexa to switch off the lights in your room, and this action will be shown right on display.


If your home has security cameras whether inside or outside, you can choose to bring up a live feed from your cameras straight on the Amazon Smart Clock.

Then you can make it more convenient for you instead of having to open the app on your smartphone.

Having Alexa on display offers endless possibilities. With more Alexa Skills that get added on a daily basis, you can expect that the Amazon Smart Clock will have more exciting functionalities in the near future.

With this piece, we hope you can make out a clear differentiation between the Amazon Smart Clocks to ita competitors.

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